Sunday, January 10, 2010


Watching the above video is well worth your time. It totally encapsulates what we need to be doing on this weight loss journey and that is making it fun! For a food addict like me that means constanly pushing the envelope and finding new recipes to keep it from getting boring. It means trying new activities and doing activities that are fun for me. Because face it, if we are not having fun, than these changes will NOT stay...and the goal is to make these changes lifelong!

ok, update. I'm doing good with my water and my multi-vitamin. Today may be a challenge with the water as I'll be riding around with mom and dad all day. But I've got my big jug (64 ounces all in one container) of water ready to go.

Exercise...I'm struggling with that one right now. I've got a whopping 3 miles in for this second week. (I was only 6 miles ahead after last I'm officially behind). I know it's excuses...but this shoulder/neck/muscle/nerve thing is REALLY not feeling to swift. It hurts to move my neck, it hurts to move my arm, it hurts to twist my torso. And of couse that causes the if the pain isn't that bad, I'm most likely suffering with a headache. What gives?????

Weight.....I'm down about 3 pounds...actually a little more I would say.


Donna B said...

wow1 3#'s that is GREAT! I was a tad disappointed this am with my weigh in, but it was a loss. Love the vidoe you shared! enjoy your day!

Julia said...

That video is great. How cool/interesting.

Congrats on the loss, btw!

Keep it up.


BEE said...

congrats on the 3 pound weight loss
thats great