Saturday, January 02, 2010

Ok, so I didn't start out as strong as I intended. But it's all good.

Yesterday I did get on the exercise bike....only 5 miles down out of my weekly goal of 100. Yikes, I'm gonna have to work for this one!!!! I just spent the last 5 hours taking down Christmas decorations and rearranging the house. The exercise bike is now in the living room. I've got some serious peddling to do in order to reach my 100 mile goal! Being in the living room will hopefully help me!

SOoo my weekly goals:

1. Get a strong start in my yearly goals!
2. Get back on track with eating and exercising
3. Stop making excuses for why I should eat!


Vanessa Miller said...

~~~~~~teee heee hee~~~~~ I can think of a million excuses of why I should eat.

You can ride inside chicka! Just think of me braving the cold winter days walking and jogging.

lindalou said...

you can do it !
i'll be following along, like i have been....and i'll be watching you shrink !!
c'mon girl....
WE CAN DO IT. this is OUR year!!

bbubblyb said...

Good luck with all the biking sounds like you're setting things up for success. I still have to take down my Christmas stuff and I'm finding ways to talk myself out of it lol.

Donna B said...

You are 5 miles ahead of me! Keep saying I am going to hop on the bike, then I get wrapped up in doing something else! Guess until Monday I feel like I am in vacation mode! BUT, I will do it!

BEE said...

the bike in the living room is a great idea

thats were mine usually is so i can ride while i am watching tv

i never feel like i am just sitting there doin nothing

i feel like i am accomplishing things even when i am watching tv lol

lindalou said...

thanks for coming over to comment on my blog!!! c'mon girl, let us know how you're doing, what you're doing!!!

100 miles is a Very high number,
that makes my 4 hours of cardio a week look easy, peasy...

We can do it!!
Just do it!!