Thursday, September 17, 2009

Gym gym gym. Yes, I made it to the gym again today! My legs muscles are still sore...although it's a very dull soreness now. My back is still tender. I started on the elliptical, but moved to a bike at the gym as the eliiptical bothered my back. :-)

Eating wise....I'm getting this down. And my weight dropped today!


VRaz60 said...

Take care of your back!! But as for the loss....Yippeeee Damned Skippeeeee!!! Keep it up.

WWSuzi said...

Good for you on making it to the gym and the loss :)

Miz said...

lovelove the short sweet and UPBEAT posts.
heres to you (and ME :)) carrying this on through the weekend.


Teresa said...

Hope your liking the gym. Careful with the back, or you'll be in the same boat with me.