Friday, July 31, 2009

I was writing an email to a friend this morning, to give her my weekly weight in our competition. More on that later. And it just hit me that I am the only one that can control my weight. I make the decisions. Yeah, people influence those decisions. But ultimately, it is me and me alone that is in charge of this weight issue. No excuses or's all on me.

Ok, so that was my deep thought for this morning. Come on's Friday morning...give a girl some slack!

My weight. Well, it's down from where it was after my food fest last weekend. So that's good. It's still lower than where I was when I started this competition, so that's good. HOWEVER, it's up a bit from where I was before last weekend's feeding that's bad. But you know what...I made the concious choice to eat last weekend. I've made the concious decision to eat the last however many months to get to this point and it's up to me to make the concious decision to eat properly now to get myself back to the weight that I want to be at.

Soooo the other day a friend talked to me about how she's coming to the conclusion that her personal ideal weight may not be the best for her and that she is having to reevaluate her own personal goal. She mentioned that she was working to accept that maybe 10-15 pounds higher is her perfect weight and not her ideal weight (the weight that she wanted to be at.....the 10 pounds higher still keeps her at a good weight). She mentioned that to get to that lower weight that she had to work out like a demon and I know that most likely eat like a rabbit. She mentioned that she likes food and that she can relax and enjoy her food and stay at that slightly higher weight. It made me think. I was happy at 180 pounds. Yeah, I'd like to go lower...but I think it was a good weight for me. My body was regulated there for quite some time before I lost control and started to eat like a starving pig. SO my goal is to get back to that point! And then I'll just continue eating right and not let myself gain....but take whatever comes...either maintain there, or lose. NO pressure!


Cole Walter Mellon said...

I think you made the unconscious choice to eat, because that's what I've done for years. When I slow down and really think about what I'm doing and what I'm eating, things tend to go better.

Have a great weekend and good luck on your journey.

Teresa said...

I like your thinking. I also did thought that same thing a few months back and decided that 150 would be more of where I want to be, not what they say I should be. With the right exercise and eating habits, I can look better then I would at a lower number without exercise. Hope the competiton helps.

F. McButter Pants said...

That's the one to blame but ourselves. I haven't set a goal weight. I will know it when I get there. I would be overjoyed with 180 lbs.

Great post!

She-Fit said...

Great reminder... weight loss is all on me and no one else to blame! thanks for that reminder.

VRaz60 said...

It's your journey, and if I were you I'd do what feels right. Only you can decide if going lower is the really important thing, or if your overall health being better is what you're really after. Both would be nice, but that's not always possible. Good luck to you. I'm confident you'll figure it out.

Diane, Fit to the Finish said...

I think it's good that you are really examining where you want to be.

On my journey to lose 150 pounds, I didn't have a set goal in mind. I just lost until I felt comfortable where I was, and could maintain.

I've maintained 12 years now. I may not be exactly where other people would be, but it's good for me!

By the way - great job on your weight loss!

JC said...

Sounds like you got a good plan. Now you just got to work it. That is where I mess up is in the working it. HA