Monday, June 01, 2009

WOrked really hard this weekend. Mowing (push and riding) mulching (filling up the wheelbarrow from the pile, emptying the wheelbarrow one shovel full at a time), running that darn pesky chipper, laundry, bike ride, cooking, cleaning, baking. You name it and I did it. BUsy busy busy. I didn't overeat. My food was right in line with where I wanted it to be....and yet, my weight stayed the same. Now if I remember correctly, when I was at this point the first time down, this 'hurdle' was a difficult one for me to pass. My body didn't want to give it up. It's frustrating...and I know that the more I DON'T see the results on the scale, the easier it is for me to cave and do what I want to do.

ARRGGHHH never ending vicious cycle!!!

My next ride is this weekend. Saturday to be exact. Todd and i will be heading up to Lancaster on Friday afternoon. We are hooking up with our friends (hi donna) this weekend. I'm really looking forward to the weekend. My legs felt like lead weight this weekend on my ride. I'm assuming because I had already worked like a banshee by the time I took my ride!


Big Girl said...

Seriously, just reading about all the things you did this weekend makes my body hurt! Hang in there even though you aren't seeing the results. The scale might not notice but I'm sure your body is stonger than ever.

Deborah said...

You always ware me out talking about all that you do!! :o) I get tired just reading it!! Sure wish I had some of your energy and gumption.

I'm there with ya and the body not wanting to give it up at certain points. Mine's doing the same thing right now.