Monday, March 16, 2009

I'm still feeling down. Right now I'm mostly bummed about my weight. I had that one week of doing really good. And then I had a week or two of a lackluster attempt. Weight gains when it didn't seem like I should have a weight gain, which caused me to not care and eat more than I should. I honestly don't like the way I feel with this extra weight. AND I'm tired of fighting my wardrobe because everything is getting tighter! I woke up this morning and I'm determined to renew my effort and get back on track though. This cycle has got to stop. I've said this so many times that I'm sick of hearing myself say it. How does one do this though? I've lost so much weight...I should have this figured out by now...yet I find myself floundering.

Meanwhile, I calculated last weeks training figures. I only rode outdoors once....for 19.1 miles (roughly two hours) and I rode on the exercise bike for 370 minutes. That means that I spent 8.17 hours on a bike last week. (this training stuff takes time) Yes, I took a day off...I know how important it is to have a day of rest. I'm not sure what today will bring bike wise. I get off at three. I know I will get some hours in the saddle. The question is...outside or inside? It is a 30% chance of rain and mid 50' I'm leaning toward inside....especially since Tuesday and Wednesday are supposed to be sunny (no chance of rain) and in the 60's and 70's! However, a big ride today would work best in my training plans...because I could do a smaller ride (or inside ride) tomorrow and be ready to do another big ride on Wednesday (supposed to be sunny and nice temps) with Todd. So who knows what I end up doing. I do know that Friday will most likely be my day of rest as I work open to close and then I will have to run to Hagerstown to take care of my parents cat while they are on vacation (about 20 minutes drive from my about 40 minutes round time in the house to pet the cat and check on everything). I may not have the time that day!


Deborah said...

Have you considered putting the scales away for a while? Maybe if you only weigh yourself once a month it wouldn't be distressing and distructive feeling that you have been doing the right things and not seeing the results you want.

I tried that and it really helped me. I was like you and when I saw a gain or no loss and knew that I had done everything just the way it was supposed to be done, I was so disappointed that I'd pig out. My mindset told me that no matter how good I was I wasn't getting the results I wanted so what the heck, why try.

VRaz60 said...

I agree with Deborah. Maybe take a "weigh in" vacation. I am altering my exersise routines too. I used to only use the recumbent bike. Now I walk as a diversion. I know it isn't as difficult or calorie consuming, but perhaps as in that P90X, or whatever it's called, "muscle confusion" would prompt your body back into the losing mode. I always hate the plateaus, I feel like such a failure during those times.

Linda said...

It's funny you write this, because I just read katchi's Fitcetera post, and it has the same ring; and both have the same ring as mine.

It's like a walts: good, slump slump, good slump slump.

Wonder what good good good good good is like - disco, maybe?

I feel your pain. I'm trying the BL Jumpstart, thinking it will get me going. So far I am feeling pretty good. It's a 30-day plan. I would like to report in 29 days that I stuck to it.

Find your new attitude and get plugged in - you CAN!

SeaShore said...

Have you read back to when you were doing well? Maybe find some inspiration there? Even look through old food journals to see what you ate then?

If doing something old doesn't help, try something completely new that you maybe wouldn't consider, like Deborah's suggestion.

Try reading maintainers' blogs and maintainers' forms (like at

I wish I knew why we do this, why it happens so I could be of some help. I hope you push through and find what you need to do to get going again.

Teresa said...

Your doing great on the training. You may have gained muscle not weight. BIG difference. Hang in there, you are not alone, I gained too.