Saturday, March 21, 2009


Well, my weight that I was utterly amazed at yesterday wasn't a fluke! Today I was down a bit further even. I'm skirting on the edge of getting back out of those darn pesky 200's! I am seriously going to have to get serious (haa ha aha....what a crazy sentence...seriously...serious) about logging my calories. I was exercising like a maddog and eating relatively within my points and I wasn't losing an ounce. I've eased up the last few days and voila, the weight drops. Oh yeah, and I eat more those few days. This makesno sense what-so-ever! The only conclusion I can come to....somehow the points allowance that I've been eating is not what I need to lose at this point. Maybe it is too low with the massive exercise. YIKES! Does that mean that I've been not eating enough? MaryFran undereat????? Woah! What a kicker though. I overate at lunch on Thursday....I could have gone to that banquet and had rolls and high fatty salad dressings and a whole dessert. But no, I went and ate reasonably, even after I had my little slip up at lunch. And look what happened....I honestly lost weight! What would have happened if I had given up for the day and eating like a starving pig for dinner also????

This morning I was looking for a shirt to wear to work. I grabbed a pink tee out of the drawer (to wear as a base layer here at work). I meant to grab one of my comfy roomy big teeshirts. (well, not one of the 2x ones, they are the swallow me whole tee shirts...but just a comfy roomy teeshirt). Well, my hand reached for pink and I pulled out a small tee shirt. One that fit me perfectly at my lowest weight. Now granted, that's only 15 pounds or we are not talking umpteen pounds (although 15 pounds more to go seems like umpteen at times). I said, what the heck. All of my clothes still fit, some are just tighter than others. And I noticed that with this little weight gain that I've had, I've gone back to 'frumpier' clothes that I wear. My confidence levels had plumeted in direct proportion to my weight gain. I put on the sized just right shirt. I'm not overtly happy with the roll around my belly that is highly visible because the shirt may be a tad tighter than it was when I bought it. However, being honest...the roll is also a tad bigger also! But I'm wearing it. The roll would still be there and still visible with my roomy comfy clothes. This shirt fits just fine, it is not clinging to me in any way, it's just not billowing around my body in waves of loose fabric.

Lessons learned thus far today...oh heck, this week!
1. Don't underestimate your can do crazy things when least expected.
2. Confidence.....wear it!
3. Perserverance is all has not much to do with ability.
4. Start over this instance. Do not wait until tomorrow, or the beginning of the week, or whenever. Start's not tooo late!
5. With proper care, a saddle sore/follicle cyst can go bye bye within a few days!

I started thinking today about something. Todd has a 'touchy' digestive system. We have to go natural and organic as much as possible and when we don't go natural and organic we are constantly reading labels to see how 'unnatural' the ingredients are. One of the main no-nos is High Fructose Corn Syrup (HFCS). Kelloggs cereals are a huge offender. I think pretty much every one of their cereals have HFCS in it! So we've been looking at some of these bargain stores like Aldi's and Sav-A-Lot to compare prices and products. We are finding that these bargain stores and their cheap generic store brand cereals are made without HFCS. What???? I'm spending more money on Kelloggs cereals....and I'm getting HFCS which is bad bad bad! I can pay less money and get cereals without? What???? And they tout HCFS to be cheaper and help keep our costs down. Whatever! Soooo Todd is in his glory eating all these cereals that before were taboo!

Speaking of Todd's digestive system....on Thursday night I had the honor of sitting beside someone that I started talking to and we just clicked. It was like we had known each other for ages...and we had similar beliefs and thoughts on a whole lot of things. She has become a vegetarian in recent years. Basically she watched her daughter struggle with asthma. Asthma so bad that this daughter was using her inhaler at least once an hour. Her daughter went vegetarian and the asthma disappeared. (the daughter now goes deep sea that tells you how her asthma is). So this lady started going vegetarian herself...she said she couldn't ignore the proof. I was highly interested because Todd and I always talk about how it would be a short jump for us to go vegetarian. In fact, I've bought vegetarian recipe books and whatnot over the years, because I see us goign that route. Well, I came home...Todd's digestive system is getting all whacky again. We can't figure out what is sneaking in...I'm almost anal about reading the labels and we don't know what is causing him to be sick. I'm thinking maybe I should try to incorporate more vegetarian stuff to see if that helps!


WWSuzi said...

Have you been eating your activity points and your flex points?? I know i'm guilty for not using very many of them!
And yes quite often the hubs and i go vegetarian for a day or two :) It's not something we try to do it's just what we like to eat!
And major kudo's on the loss.

Linda said...

Posts like this restore my hope. Thank, sistah!

Teresa said...

it is funny how the boby acts sometimes, although it can be a blessing when we feel bad about things we've done to it. You may very well be eating to little with all the riding.

VRaz60 said...

Congrats on the weight loss. I remember Bob telling Mikey on the Biggest Loser that because of the amount of exersise they do he needed to eat more so that the body has fuel, and he'd be surprised at the amount of weight he'd lose by eating more. It worked, that was one of Mikey's biggest losses. Whatever, keep up the good work.

Hubby Dearest and I do "Meatless Mondays" twice a month. And of course now with Lent, we add every Fri. to the list. It isn't as hard to get protein as I thought it might be, but I have to admit, I'm a meat lover, so a complete switch would be difficult.

Cammy@TippyToeDiet said...

I lovelovelove your #4 in lessons learned. It's a lesson I wish I'd learned about 20 years ago. It always makes me sad when someone writes that they "messed up" on Thursday, so they just wrote off the rest of the week and ate what they wanted. Had they just gone back to eating normally after an "over-indulgence", they might not have seen a gain and maybe could've seen a loss! It's certainly a lesson I wish I'd learned 20 years ago! :)

Losinthisdangfat said...

Thanks for those tips. I think that's what I have been doing wrong for this last two week is that I've been exercising really ah rd and not eating enough to compensate for all the exercise that I've been doing.
You're doing a great job with your weight loss!

JC said...

I'm hearing you girl. My body continues to perplex me. I wasn't expecting a loss this week because on my shopping day with my sister. We ATE!! ITALIAN!! It was wonderful! Speaking of going more veggie. I think it is a great idea. I'm eating less and less meat (only a little one meal a day) and honestly don't miss it. There are so many better foods to use my calorie on than meat.

Ally said...

Nice work on the weight loss! Something I've realized recently is that if I exercise too much it makes me more likely to binge eat or at least overeat. I guess everything in moderation.

As for cereal, I really think cereal in general is a poor food choice. Oatmeal, whole wheat toast, even a few of the energy/protein bars would make a much much better breakfast. It's definitely work trying to avoid chemicals like HFCS. Good luck!

SeaShore said...

Congrats on your continuing slide down the scale!

What I was told at WW was that you could use the first 4 activity points earned in a day towards your weight loss, but any points over 4 had to be eaten, otherwise you aren't taking in enough fuel. So if you earned 5 in one day, you would have to eat at least 1 extra point.