Saturday, January 10, 2009

It's all in my head!

Last night I got home from work and made dinner. I made Southwestern Chicken. We sat down to eat and I took a bite. Ohhh it was a good batch! I took a second bite. Heaven! And that is when it started. It, you may ask? Yes, that is when I started thinking about possibly eating a second helping! I sat there chewing that second bite of food and I rationalized that second serving. Normally on this dish the second serving is Todd's lunch for the next day. But I was thinking, "ohhh what does it matter, there is plenty of food for him for lunch....he doesn't need to have this for lunch" And then it hit me.

Oh my word, I'm not even fully finished my second bite of dinner and I'm already thinking about a second serving? There is no way I'm predicting what I'll feel like after I eat my original serving! I'm just saying this because I can....because I know that if I wanted it, that there is a second serving on the counter. I'm just thinking about a second serving because this meal is so tasty and good that I to want to bask in the goodness. And of course the longer I eat, the longer I can bask!

My mind immediately went to my post that I had written here only hours earlier. I thought about the fact that 1/2 cup of ice cream satisfied just as much as 2 cups. And I realized that I was not going to enjoy a second serving any more than I would be enjoying the first serving. AND I realized once again that my desire for food is not based on hunger or my physical needs, it's totally based on my thought processes!

Like a true addict, I started to eat something. I had that first 'sip' that first 'hit' and I wanted more. I was quickly losing control.....simply because it tasted so good...I wanted to prolong and experience that good feeling.

I ate my third bite and my mind was whirling freakishly fast. But through it all I realized. Yes, this meal is quite tasty.....but it's not as if I can't make it anytime I want it. It's a meal that I usually have the makings for in the house ('tis a great meal because other than normal staples such as flour, milk and eggs....all you need is a small can of green chilies, a can of corn and some chicken breast......and since I always have tons of chicken breast here, it's literally two cans that I have to it's something that I consider a staple and it's relatively healthy!)....I could make it the next day if I wanted it again. It's not as if this was the only chance I'd have this lifetime.....this year...or even this month to eat this food.

At that point, I was determined to NOT have a second matter what. I ate dainty bites of food and savored each bite of that really good plate of food! I stopped at the end, ate my fruit for my dessert. And do you know really was the truth...I was completely satisfied!

After dinner Todd and I went grocery shopping. I just for some reason didn't feel like going by myself this we went last night. We got home at around 9 or so and I was running around the kitchen putting the food away. Todd had picked up a bag of the baked Doritos for himself. Now I know me. I eat one...and I just can't stop. So when he ripped open the bag I ignored him. He ate one and took another one out and literally put it up to my mouth. I kept my lips firmly closed! I knew that if I ate one, that would be the end of it. I would keep eating that night until somehow I gained control and then I also knew that it would spark me to want to eat more today..and tomorrow....until there were no more (and then I'd want to buy more).

My weight is still up a bit (down .4 from yesterday though). I really do think that it has something to do with the stomach issues I've been having. I have a friend that has something similar (she's also a weight watcher) and she is experiencing the same little 1-2 pound gain. Go figure!

After I get off work today at noon, I'm planning on going home and eating lunch. After lunch, the plan is to go up to the gym and do at least 60 minutes cardio. I'll then come home and clean the house (more activity)...Then I will allow myself to sit back, relax and do something fun. (read or watch a movie or whatever....until it's time to make dinner for Todd and I....and it's a late dinner as he doesn't get off of work until 8PM)


Donna B said...

Kuddos for you and your thought processes. Sounds like we could be twins! I went through this alot, until I got really mad at myself and am determined to put the extra servings immediately in "leftover dishes" before the meal goes on the table. It works about 99% of the time, so I feel great about that, I just need it to be 100% of the time!
Off to bike ride! Don't work too hard.

WWSuzi said...

Kiddo you are one STRONG woman!! As i was reading this i was nodding to myself, yep great choice this and way to go on that :)

Sabs said...

It is all in my head 2!

You have a lot of self-control, I tell you!

Teresa said...

You go girl, that's the way to do it. Some days seem easier to say no than others.

Anonymous said...

how was the gym? the cardio?

you are so in the zone and focused right's a daily thing and decision huh?

especially with that ice cream :)

Deborah said...

What great self control! You are really doing great!

It is all in our minds, for sure.