Thursday, January 15, 2009

Is it possible?

You know...I was thinking when I was watching The Biggest Loser this week. What kind of contestant would I be? I know that I would not have been tempted to take the money and run (in reference to this last weeks challenge). BUT....would I be a contestant that would whine and cry about everything that the trainer would make me do? Would I balk like that? Or would I be a contestant that if the trainer said jump 2 feet in the air, I would go 3 feet...just to get the most out of it? I'd like to say that I would be the over achiever.....and I may be....beacuse I don't like to lose. But honestly I'm not sure. But it is food for thought. :-)

If I continue on that line of thought, it makes me wonder how much more 'umph' do I have inside me. It always seems as if the trainers are squeezing out energy and work out of the the contestants that the contestants think is not there. How much harder could I push myself during my workouts? How does one push themselves past that comfort zone and into the next realm? Is it even possible????

Well, yesterday Todd and I were planning on goign to the gym while we were in town to run our errends. Life happened and we didn't make it to the gym. Did I let that interrupt my workout? NOPE! I came home and IMMEDIATELY (before I even put anything away from our shopping in town) I exercised. I did another step aerobic workout and I rode the exercise bike for 45 minutes. SO 1 hour and 15 minutes total.

Ohhh and I SOOO lied the other day when i said that I wasn't at all sore from my first day back doing step aerobics. Ohhhh yeah, yesterday morning I woke up sore sore sore! Yes, as you just read, I did the same routine anyway...eventually the muscles will relax and not hurt! Yep, still sore today...and yep, I'll be working out when I get off of work at 3PM.

My weight.'s not going down. I'm eating right and I've upped my exercise level (not just in how many days....but in intensity) I know that in time it will come off....patience is the key!


Mother Hubbard said...

Aww. I know one of these days soon you will step on that scale and it will be a positive number. Your persistance and determination are admirable and working as hard as you do I just know those pounds will come slipping off soon. You just hang in there. I was looking at your before and now pic..I mean just look at you. I'm so happy for you. I would put a pic up of me other than from the head up but surely it would scare everyone away. LOL. And also I want to thank you for your support and kind words. You have a safe day, keep warm and a blessed day.

JC said...

I was told by a lady at Curves that I should not weigh after exercise because your muscles hold on to fluid right after exercise. She said that when a person goes from no exercise to exercise or up the level of intensity your muscles become inflamed and weigh more until your body become accustomed to the change in your routine. I don't know whether that is true or not but it could explain what is going on with you.

I'm proud of your dedication to exercise.