Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Got up early this morning. Much earlier than I needed to be up in order to get to work at 9AM. Why? Well, I had some exercising to do. I rode the exercise bike for 30 minutes and then I pulled out the step and did 30 minutes of step aerobics. I haven't done step aerobics in ages. I was surprised. I thought I would struggle a bit more than I did. Tis all good. 1 hour down!

I'm a bit bothered today. Well, not bothered but just disturbed. I have a family member (through marriage) that is planning on having gastric bypass this year. I know, from talking to friends that have had this procedure done that they went through intense counselling and diet work in preparation. This family member has had NOTHING. They are just doing the surgery...pushing this person through. I wonder at how this person will handle the major change in their life that this surgery is going to bring. And I don't mean the obvious of now they are thin. I mean the changes in emotions. The changes in their eating. Let me also say that this person is not one of these 500 pound people. They are probably low to mid 200's. If you have to change your diet anyway due to the surgery...why not just do it naturally.

Ok...that said...that is NOT what disturbs me. Yeah, I don't agree with the quick fix surgery....what bothers me is that this person has a child. I wouldn't categorize the child as fat...but the child is ....well. Some of the words to describe this child would be sturdy and stocky. NOT good words for a girl. This girl is well on her way to having a weight problem. I can see the path that she is on and it breaks my heart. And then to hear that her parent is setting an example of getting the surgery....I'm just blown away. (as a side note, a while back this parent was trying to diet and eat healthy......great opportunity to feed your children healthy foods also right??? Nope.....the children continued eating the fried foods, fast foods, junk food, while this parent ate frozen 'healthy choice' dinner. I wanted to scream at that point). I worry about this little girl seeing that this is the 'fix' and not being taught and shown a healthy way. I worry about her.

Meanwhile, the American Cancer Society is doing some kind of thing locally (technically in the eastern panhandle of West Virginia...but since my bank is based out of WV, we...in the Sharpsburg branch are included) between all the banks in that you earn points based on healthy things that you do. 3 points for each flight of stairs you climb, 1 point for each minute of exercise, 1 point for each 8 ounce glass of water, 1 point for each serving of fruit or veggies. Basically things promoting a healthy lifestyle. The banks are all in competition. There is no prize...other than bragging rights. :-) My branch...we are all excited. First because we all have been talking about being healthy...and there are people in our branch that have been saying that they need to start. Secondly, there are a group of us that are HIGHLY competative. So it shoudl be fun. The problem....we may not have a snowballs chance in hell.....we are a small branch...which means we have to work double hard ...to make up for our lack of people! But it should be good for us!


Deborah said...

I agree with you whole heartidly. This frined of yours should concentrate on healthy eating for her child's sake and definitely teach the child what healthy eating is. It galls me when someone is on a diet and continues to feed their kids the awful stuff. As a matter of fact I think it is just STUPID!

The competition at work sounds like fun. Now maybe the person that kept pushing food at you beore Christmas won't do that anymore :o)

Rebecca said...

I just found your site, I cannot believe your progress! It is amazing! I think my eyes jumped out of my head when I saw your pictures! What a great job!

Teresa said...

I have to agree also, they learn by example. I was one of those parents, and I kick myself every day for not teaching them. Now I stay on my daughter about not repeating the cycle. I never had surgery, nor would I, but I did eat healthy and did not make them, which was wrong. I just hope my daughter listens and learned from my mistakes. Great Post, got me thinking.

Big Girl said...

I think we maybe related to that same person. I'm more than a bit frustrated by her decision to have the surgery w/out even trying to lose weight so I just stay out of the whole thing. It's her gig, not mine.
BTW... this is my first time to your site and your before an current pictures are AMAZING!!!

Mother Hubbard said...

First off thank you so much for your kind words. *smiles* I was looking at your before and now and I'm so happy for you that you have come as far as you have. Next off I agree with regards to your friend. Although when my kids were growing up I really did watch what THEY are but I in their teenage years and above is when they got in trouble. Especially my only son who has gone through gastric bypass. Sometimes things go wrong or they fall under peer pressure but when they are young and you have control of their food I agree your friend should be congnizant of what they eat.

You're a realy inspiration MaryFran and once again thank you. I'm also happy that things at work are going better for you. Have a blessed day.

SeaShore said...

Good for you for getting up early to exercise! I'm planning to squeeze in some exercise before work tomorrow. It'll be a first!

JC said...

I would be fearfully for this child. But, I would be ticked with this child's parents. I checked out all the "quick fix" things and I just could not put my body through it. While I listened to each presentation, my inner voice kept telling me just do what you know you need to do. I'm glad I listened to that inner voice.

Alabama has a program called "SCALE BACK ALABAMA" The state of Alabama is inticing its citizens with money to get fit. Roger Shultz (winner of BL a couple of seasons back)is from Alabama so he is the spokesperson. Very interesting about your bank.