Friday, August 01, 2008

Friday afternoon chat

Do I actually have a brain? I do wonder. I had the brain child idea of going for a walk on my lunch break. How wonderful would that be...a half an hour of walking to add to my morning activity. Well, I walked outside and started walking toward the edge of the town proper. (Lets not forget that this is a small town, I can pretty much walk the circumference of the town during my 30 minute break.....I exaggerate not). For the first 10 minutes or so i was feeling wonderful. The warmth was a delicious feeling on my cool skin. (lets also not forget that I'm always cold....I'm usually wrapped up in extra sweaters at work). Ohhhh at about 15 minutes I started to feel comfortable. By about 20 minutes (and on the opposite end of town) it was stinkin' freakin' boilin' hot out there. Sweat was dripping down my back (luckily I am wearing a camisole with a button down shirt over the wet sweat marks on my camisole are not visible to my co-workers and customers). Dang was it ever hot! I got back to the bank and came inside. My first words to my co-workers was "" they turned toward me and laughed....yeah, my face was red. Apparently I got a bit of a sunburn in the 30 freakin' minutes I was outside. What??? I've been outside this summer....30 minutes and my nose is burnt???? So here I sit at the drive through window...basking in the cool (note that this is the same air that I usually refer to as frigidly cold) breeze blowing over me from the vents. AHHHHHHHHHH


Donna B said...

Good for you walking at lunch! Had to chuckle because I have done the same thing. Maybe you should keep an extra top/shirt at work "just in case" you walk at lunch on another hot and humid day! youa re doing GREAT!

Anonymous said...

What a great use of your lunch break! As the weather gets cooler you'll probably want to do two laps around town :-) Keep it up!!

--cara said...

You poor thing! Welcome to my world. It's hotter than hades down here most days (90 degrees + on most days).

But I'm glad you gave it a whirl anyway. It really was a great idea, no matter how it turned out.

I agree with Donna, bring an extra top with you next time and take a towel with you when you walk so you don't get too wet.

Deborah said...

Hot though you were at least you got some lunch time exercise in. Way to go.