Friday, August 01, 2008


Whew! Relief is in the air! After my little splurge day on Wednesday and not weighing in yesterday (oh yeah and late last night I had a total craving for a PB&J sandwich....and no I didn't have the points for it...and yes, it tasted so darn good) I was nervous about the scales this morning. The scales were very friendly to me. ON Tuesday morning they had me at 181.0. This morning I was at 181.2 I'm tickled with that! 2/10ths of a pound is the difference between going to the bathroom before I weigh, or wearing socks or not...tee hee hee. Honestly, I was so afraid that I had blown it, so I'm much relieved!

Yes, I'll fess up to the PB&J sandwich last night. It was about 3 hours after dinner. It was ALL I could think of. I waited and I just couldn't get it out of my head. I was DREAMING of how it would taste! My mouth was salivating. I just HAD to have that sandwich. SO I did. I'll also fess up to the little Hershey's chocolate stick (2 points) that I ate before the PB& J in an attempt to not eat the higher point sandwich. Yeah, I know that really doesn't work. But hey, the dark chocolate tasted mighty mighty good also!

Woke up early this morning. I had to be at work here at 10AM. I was up at 6AM....made Todd coffee, put last nights dishes away, ate breakfast, packed my lunch for work, etc etc etc. And Todd and I were out the door shortly after 7 to hit the gym. I did about 40 minutes of strength training. While I'm not sore yet, I can feel tiny tendrils of muscle soreness creeping upon me. And then I did about 30 minutes on the elliptical. At that point I was out of time. We had to leave so I could get home and be at work on time. But, I did it! And I feel good. In fact, I welcome the pain if it means I'll fit into that dress!

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Anonymous said...

That dress is totally worth it! It's very cute. :-)