Monday, December 29, 2008

Goodbye flex points!

Ahhhhh a quiet morning here at work. Oops...afternoon now (12 minutes into the afternoon to be exact!)

I really don't have too much to say. I am coming to a conclusion to a test that I have been conducting. Right around the beginning/middle of November I was talking to a weight watcher buddy. And we were talking about how I had never been really able to eat my flex points. It seems as if anytime I eat them, I gain...or maintain on a few rare occaisions. Well, we were talking and I was lamenting this fact. We concocted a scheme in which I try to eat my flex points each week. And not just judge it on a single week or two. Try it for at least a month. I did. I do not like the results. Yeah, I've indulged here and there......but for the most part, I've been withing my points allowance (if I include those flex points). SOOOOO with a sad heart, I'm going to try to knuckle back down to the daily points and ignore those wonderful flex points. I will miss those 35 flex points!


Deborah said...

I too found that when I used my flex points the scales weren't a pretty sight. So I only used them on a rare occasion when I was out of my routine, eating out or at someone elses house.

We just have to experiment and tweak any plan to our bodies way of dealing with it.

WWSuzi said...

I very rarely use very many of mine. My point target is 20 and generally i'm 20-22/day! So although i use one or two a day that seems to be the most i can use!

Brightcetera said...

I noticed the same thing back when I did WW. I guess some of us just can't handle the extra calories.

I feel your sadness, I do :(

JC said...

I have to pretend those flex points don't exist if I want to lose more than 1/2 lbs a week. Actually I can't eat all the daily points unless I exercise like crazy. We all know I'm tooooo lazy to exercise like crazy. HA. Sorry I've gotten behind on my blog reading. Caught up now. Hope your friend enjoys the recipe.

Michelle said...

I feel so bad for you, without those Points I would have died on WW. What about APs? Are you able to use them? Do they even still have those on the new plan? Being preggers I'm now totally out of touch with WW :(