Saturday, October 04, 2008


Progress, originally uploaded by mfcstotler.
Well...I'm working through the mental stuff.......I think this is a huge step!

After a particularly horrid teaching experience (4th grade, outside of DC), I vowed to never set foot in a public school. I made it from 2001 until just recently. When I was hired at my current job, they informed me that we were 'Partners in Education' with the local Elementary School. I was up front and told them of my desire to stay as far away from a school as possible. They were ok with it. However, over the past year they have managed to get me into the school on three occaisions. I've lived! AND somehow they have talked me into mentoring a student at the said school, which will begin soon. But the biggest thing. I VOLUNTEERED to create and take care of a box tops for education collection box. After 7 years, am I starting to heal???"

My day. Not too bad. I've been busy ALL day. I just sat down! I exercised early this morning and then this afternoon I push mowed my parents there was some more activity!


Amy AS said...

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JC said...

There isn't enough money to pay me to work in a public school on a full time basis. That being said, I'm be working with middle & high school students in 7 different school in a couple of weeks so I'll pray for you and would appreciate the same from you. O.K.?

Girlfriend, as I read you post about the pumpkin cookie, which sounds soooooo good, I realized you really have a cookie weakness. I went back to your last Sunday's post. You hadn't had those cookies in 3-4 year well you may have to make it 3-4 more years before you have them again. I'm not fussing at you because I'm the same. There are foods I just can't bring into my house. I become another person around them (sweets), I display very additive behavior. I scare myself sometimes.

You've already taken corrective measures so this slip won't be a huge setback for you. I'm not to the point you are. I'm always afraid I won't self correct.

Have a great rest of the weekend.

--cara said...

Mary Fran, could you email me the pumpkin cookie recipe (so we don't tempt anyone here on our blogs)? I want to make some special goodies for the guys at work and these look like they'll do the trick. If you're not willing to give out the recipe, that's fine, too. But if you are: carashow at gmail dot com.

I made a Chocolate Blackout Cake this past week and the only way I could resist eating any of the batter or icing was to chew minty gum while I was baking. Otherwise, I would have totally indulge in a lick or pinch here and there. Then after the cake was done, I put it away and didn't look at it again until I served it (to my work buddies) who ate it all so I didn't have to worry about being tempted. Whew!


P.S. I got the same comment from the blogging professor on my blog.

Donnalouise said...

Love the box! So happy to hear you are healing...all in due time. :)