Saturday, October 11, 2008

clabber girl museum

clabber girl museum, originally uploaded by mfcstotler.
Ok, we drove through Terre Haute, Indiana today on the way to my friends wedding. I had found that the Clabber Girl company (baking powder) had a museum. That was right up this baker/cookers alley! Of course we went! And of course we ate at the Clabber Girl bakery/cafe. Very yummy!

My eating is somewhat out of control....and I've got wedding cake in my near future!!!!! Well who cares as long as I still fit into my dress for this wedding tonight! :-) Speaking of that...I'd better go dry my hair!


JC said...

When as saw the title. I thought what in the world. You can tell I'm not a baker; not much of a cook either. I'm sure you'll have not problem with the dress. Get a picture for us. Have fun.

Deborah said...

Have fun at the wedding and remember, just one piece of cake for you.