Thursday, September 18, 2008

New meal

I try to do a new recipe or new meal at least once a week. Some weeks is just doesn't happen. Other weeks it does.

This picture if of my experimental meal for the week. For lunch today we had Rosemary Chicken with Mediterranean Brown Rice. It was actually quite tasty. When I was dishing it up, I was a bit nervous....but it was really good. Todd loved it!

I've done really well eating wise today. Point wise I actually have a few points left. According to fitday, I'm at 1335 calories for the day. I also did ride the bike for 45 this morning so I feel as if I'm on track for the day!


Donna B said...

Thanks for posting the recipe! I printed off a few from your other blog and plan to make the maple pecan chicken this week!
Keep up the good work....I see a weight loss coming up in your future!

Donnalouise said...

That looks really good!! Now I'm hungry... hehehe

JC said...

YUM this sounds and looks good. Thanks for the receipe. I'm catching up on blog reading today. I've read from when I left off. Girl are one hard worker. I'm tired just reading about all you have done. I love Zinnas and the fact that you are keeping them going from year to year. Have a great weekend.

Anonymous said...

That looks good, I don't eat meat but if I did I would eat that.

Good for you trying new recipes and tracking your calories so closely. Keep it up!