Thursday, September 18, 2008


Well , what can I say. I'm a little sore this morning. I'm sure that once I actually get myself up and moving that I"ll be fine though. I haven't exercised this morning yet. I decided to let myself work some kinks out first.

My weight. I was excited and anxious to step on the scales this morning. I mean, I worked like a dog yesterday. ON I have it set up that my base metabolic burn is for a sedentary lifestyle. I figure, lets make it as hard as possible. But then I add in activity. I usually don't add in cooking and general stuff like that unless it's something I do for over 2 hours (like my day canning, etc) They say I burn about 1900 calories a day with a sedentary lifestyle. Well, I added in the digging......and the bike ride....and they say that I burned up near 3500 calories yesterday. I will say that I did eat 5 extra ww points yesterday. I also entered in my food intake into fitday, just for comparisons sake. I ate 1600 calories (actually a few over, but I can't remember the exact off the top of my head). SO my comparison was really good!

So I got on the scales........... 6/10ths of a pound up! Isn't that a hoot? I have no clue what my body is doing! Oh well, I'm just along for the ride. The only thing I can do is stay strong in my motivation and willpower!

I will say that I drank a good deal of water yesterday. I had drained my 64 ounce mug in the morning (well, all except for a little ice that was left). I had drained it a second time by dinner (including the ice that was now melted). I had a 16 oz glass of water while I made dinner and one while I ate dinner. I did drink a diet drink last night while I was on the computer. SO I would think that it SHOULDN'T be a water issue. But what else can it be????


WWSuzi said...

It's just your body trying to hang on to your weight for dear life!! However stay strong and you'll probably see a drop in the next few days ;_) It will go down eventually!!

Deborah said...

I always show a gain after a rigerous day of exercise. Maybe it was (and is for me) muscles forming. You know they weigh more than fat. I surely don't think it was water. You had plenty of that.

Thanks for the celebration dance. I could see it when I read your comment.

Donna B said...

I was up as well this morning, so much for me not weighing every day! Checked back and my sodium was higher yesterday even thought I only had 1500 calories! You will get there.... keep pluggin' away!

Anonymous said...

Keep up with your careful tracking and you will be rewarded. This weight loss journey is all about trial and error. Basically we need a combo that works for us.

Stick with it and you will be rewarded.

Donnalouise said...

Hi! My WW leader says that it takes a few weeks for your body to adjust to extra exercise - and like spunkysuzi wrote, your body just wants to hold on to it! I upped my exercise last week and lost 0.4lbs...I expected more. The key it to hold on and wait for your body to adjust. :)

You look great in your photos!