Monday, August 04, 2008

Monday Madness

Well, the morning started out early. I woke up at my normal 'early work day and exercise before hand' time. I decided that I was going out for a jog this morning. I got myself dressed and ready to go. I got out on the road and commenced with a fast walk for a ways down the road. Shortly I was ready to kick into my jog. Well, I made it about 10 paces (if that) and I just KNEW that my knees were not going to cooperate today. They HURT and the felt like jelly. It was not good. In retrospection, I shouldn't have even attempted to jog today as my knees have been hurting me (mostly my left knee) since last Wednesday. In fact, yesterday morning on the elliptical, my knee kept giving out on me and I'd catch myself. Ahhh such is the life of an arthritic knee. Anyway, I walked home and I didn't allow my failed jog to get me. I hopped on the bike and pulled myself together for a 30 minute ride. Hey, something is better than nothing! I plan on mowing my parents properties this I will be getting about an hour of exercise with the push mower. That should help the cause some also.

My weight this morning was down just a tad bit more. I was at 179.6. Down is down, even if it is just 2/10ths of a pound! I'll take it! Being just about 2.5 pounds away from the high mark for me to be under to get lifetime tomorrow is much less stressful than being only .5 ounces away (like last week). Especially since Todd is planning on going to the meeting to celebrate with me. And Sherry said she is planning on being there for the same reason. That would totally bite the big one to have them there to's poised and then not make it! I had been toying around (for like well over a year now) about taking in some low point treat to celebrate my lifetime. I'm still toying with it. I could make something tonight...or tomorrow morning. I'm actually leaning toward the meringue cookie things. I'm just not sure though. :-) I think they are zero it would work...and be a nice little treat for my meeting. I had at one point thought about making homemade fortune cookies......they would be 1 point. I'll search around online to see what I can find about those meringue cookies. That will give me something to do.

I'll probably come home tonight early from my parents house to make them if I do it.....because tomorrow morning I NEED to mow our yard! The grass is high high high...and I'm embarrassed about the chop job I did last week. (I missed complete sections and strips!)

Well, the muscle soreness in my legs has subsided for the most part. There is still a bit of a small twinge here and there...but nothing major. This morning though, it's my shoulders and upper arms. Eii yiii yiii! Oh well...tis all good. Lets build those muscles up...the more i build them, the more they will burn!!!!! OK, I'm off to look for cookie recipes!


Donna B said...

Good Job not getting down about your knee and not running. I am in the same situation, so stick with the biking. Going tomorrow to get "fitted" for a WSD Trek 7100 and can't wait to get it. Please post the meringue cookie recipe for all of us to make if you get a chance! can't wait for your weigh in tomorrow. post a picture!!!!

Deborah said...

Don't you just hate it when "Arthur" comes for a visit and sticks around too long? So far I've been lucky. He's not hitting my knee joints very often but my fingers have been very uncomfortable for about a month.

I'm holding my breath for your weigh-in tomorrow. Now I'm turning blue. Maybe I'll go ahead and breath and just cross my fingers for you. Good luck.