Sunday, August 03, 2008

back in the 170's

I tried something this morning. Every once in a while when I"m making my oatmeal and we happen to have banana's here at the house, I always sit back and say....."Banana's in my oatmeal, that sounds good" So this morning I said it and then I was like: NO, why keep saying it...let me try it. So I made my oatmeal and sliced some bananas on top. Well, I didn't like it. The banana's were room temp in the cold milk that was swimming on top of the hot oatmeal. It was not worth my time. It felt like I was eating three different things all jumbled together. Under normal situations, the milk and the oatmeal almost combine into one yummy breakfast. Not so this morning. On retrospection I'm thinking that if I had cut up the banana into even smaller pieces and put it in the oatmeal BEFORE I cooked it...maybe it would have been better. BUT I'm a little gun shy...not sure if I"ll do that tomorrow. :-) Not sure if I want to mess up some tasty oohhy gooeyy oatmeal two days in a row!

Weighed myself this morning. I almost didn't want to look at the scales when it beeped to tell me that my weight was posted. But I did. 179.8. WOOO HOOO I sooo hope that my weight holds for my Tuesday official weigh in at the meeting! Incidentally, if I can hold my weight down for that official meeting, I will make lifetime! I'm scared that I'll be back up tomorrow......I just seem to yo yo so much.

We went to the gym early this morning. I did 35 minutes of strength training and an hour on the elliptical. Felt good. :-) I came home and made lunch for Todd and I and then I packed a dinner for myself. After that I headed up to town to my parents house. Mom and I hung out for about an hour or so until my brother and his family arrived. The kids have grown SOOOOOO much! Alex was so shy at first that if I looked at him he would hide. Ali and Riley who are older and remember us were fine of course! When they had their fattening dinner, I ate my packed lunch. Yes, it was weird to actually pack a meal to eat at my mom's...and to ignore the yummy foods that she prepared. But I did.

I'm planning on getting up early in the morning and riding. And then I work at 7:45. At 2 I get off and I'll head up to my parents to be with my family. I'm taking old clothes so that I can mow while I'm up there. And then I'll play with the kids and visit with my brother and his wife. Todd is going to come up to town to join us for dinner. So it will be a full day. I'll have to focus on getting my water consumption in and all that.


Donna B said...

Sounds like you had a nice family weekend! Whoo Hoo on the weigh in this morning! I can't wait tillyou tell us Tuesday that you are at lifetime. Good Luck!
Keep up the good work and enjoy your family today.

Deborah said...

Congrats on the 170's. I know that is a thrilling mark to hit.

Good girl getting the exercise in.

And two thumbs up on taking your own meal. Gotta keep that scale down there for your Tuesday weigh in.