Thursday, August 28, 2008

Kick in the butt

I woke up this morning to hear the rain pitter patter on the roof. The rain has finally arrived. They say that it's supposed to rain straight for the next 3 or 4 days. I actually don't mind the rain, there is something about a rainy day that is good.

I went out to the living room and started messing around on my computer. I just switched my adobe photo shop program (from one adobe photo shop to another) so that I can utilize the organize/catalogue feature. I'm pretty excited about this as organizing my pics has been something that I've wanted to do for quite some time. But I digress. I sat out there trying to talk myself into getting up and getting on the exercise bike. It just wasn't happening. Todd came out and he mentioned going to the gym. I think he picked up on my lack of motivation, it would have been hard to miss. When he suggested moving the canning shelf into the house (he painted it out on the screened in porch yesterday) I jumped at that! ANYTHING to avoid the gym. Well, whatdya know...the paint was still wet. SHUCKS. SOOOO off we went to the gym. I exercised for 60 minutes at a pretty high intensity. Yeah yeah yeah....felt good.

My weight...up 2/10ths of a pound. Now there is absolutely NO reason on earth why I would be up today! This is just absolutely crazy! Meanwhile, I sit here just feeling bloated and miserable. Yeah, I feel bloated and icky. There is no easy reason why I would be retaining water. I've been drinking my water. It's not that time of the month, I haven't eaten super high sodium foods. It just makes absolutely no sense. *Edit* I just had a new thought in the past I've eaten and I feel no effects of being 'bigger'.......but oh my word, I feel so 'fat' and bloated. Is my body finally willing to tell me when I've gained a little??? Is my body finally willing to say "stop"?????

Other than that, not much new happening here. Oh yeah, I joined in on a take one picture a day of anything I want (something that defines my life, my day, my emotions...) for a year. Should be an interesting montage when it's done.


Mal said...

This is probably none of my business but -- any chance you might be pregnant? I'm thinking of the Biggest Loser finalist a couple of years ago who couldn't figure out why her weight kept going up and up and... bingo.

Just a thought...?

Donna B said...

I feel so bad for you each day I read your blog, you seem so sad about these small gains and ups & downs. Aren't you at goal, or are you still trying to lose more? I notice your ticker isn't working anymore on the top of your blog and I haven't had time to go back to your older posts to check out when you got to goal and at what weight. Maybe you need to talk to your new leader a little and get her take on it. Everyone is different and I know I am having a really hard time dropping weight right since I started biking 10+ miles 4 days a week. I am trying not to get discouraged and I have been staying off the scale until weigh in day and mid week for the reason that I know alot of things play in to bloating, water retention, certain foods that were eaten, etc. PLEASE smile and don't be so hard on yourself. It will all come together when you least expect it. Keep up the good work with your exercise and eating!