Wednesday, August 27, 2008

***I went ahead and went to the meeting. I liked the leader. She was upbeat and very willing to talk about her vices. It was obvious that she understands the struggles that occur in a long haul of weight loss. That is important to me. It was a fairly large group of attendees also. I guess I would estimate that there was about 20 people (remember, my meeting was just cancelled because it died away to pretty much no one). They were all talking amongst themselves pretty well. Seemed a bit cliquish but I"m sure that is just because I was on the outside looking in. I think I would be OK at that meeting. :-)

***I didn't get any exercise in today. Well, I did work in the kitchen for hours on end. I canned a bushel of pears and a half bushel of peaches. Does that count?

***My weight. I am really stumped. My weight has gone up again. There is absolutely no logic behind my weight! I''m way way way up! Devastatingly up! As in 187 pounds. I"m up like 5 pounds in the last few days! WHAT in the world??????????

***Life continues to scream obscenities at me. Just getting tired of it all......but I see no end in sight to the issues.


WWSuzi said...

I'm glad you went and enjoyed it!
"life screaming obscenities at you" hope that changes for you soon!!
As far as the weight gain, don't worry i'm sure it'll come back down in no time! You've taken the step of going back to meeting so i'm sure you'll get lots of help to figure things out.

Donna B said...

Glad you went to another meeting. I was thinking of you all day wondering how you made out. Did you ever consider not weighing every day? I know when I use to do that the fluctuations use to control my day and I found myself being so stressed out that I was going to gain everything back that I had loss. Now I weight once a week, sometimes in the middle of the week and am not nearly as stressed out. Just a thought.....

Deborah said...

So glad you enjoyed the meeting leader. It really helps when you have someone there that understands the struggles that we all have. As far as the people, just hang in there and even if that doesn't work out at least you have a descent leader to listen to.

As for the weight gain, it could be the stress in your life right now. Don't get too disappointed with that. Could be that when that stress leaves so will the pounds.

If you ever find yourself in my area drop me a line a debbiesq at gmail dot com and I'll meet you.