Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Week three of mainenance done

Something interesting that I realized about myself today. When I'm eating a larger or even a 'normal' portion of food, I find myself taking bigger bites and mouthfuls of food. As compared to when I'm eating something that is strictly portion controlled. I noticed it earlier when I was eating my 1/2 cup of ice cream (which is STILL working great might I add). I was taking teeny tiny bites. ANd now I"m splurging and eating a 100 cal choc bar. And I'm taking baby bites. I know it's simply because it's so 'small' and I want it to last! And I'm enjoying it a heck of a lot more than if I were taking huge honkin' bites!

Weighed in officially today.....1.4 down! WOO HOOO! 177.6 as my official weight! 3 mores weeks left before I become a lifetime member. What a relief financially at least!

Today was my day off from riding. Tomorrow it's back up at 5:30 to ride. Weird thing. The last few mornings I've had to DRAG myself out of bed to ride. SO this morning when I could sleep in a bit.....I woke up raring to go! What's up with that???

I've been on a mission lately. I'm tired of all these little errands and jobs that come up in life. The ones that you put on a pile on your desk and say , "I'll get to that soon" And sometimes its ultra important things. (one of my things was upping the personal property insurance on our place....we were grossly under insured!). I'm tackling one or two things each day. Sadly enough, a good many of these things are turning into multi-day projects/tasks. But I'm determined to get through them! Tomorrow I'm going to tackle the boat and it's registration. I've sent in the registration papers for this stupid thing 2 times now...and DNR keeps sending it back saying something is missing the last time I put everything they said was missing...a signature from the seller..and resent it. NOW supposedly it's missing something else! Go figure. And each time it gets sent back, it ends up on that 'soon' pile. Well......I think that will be tomorrow's project...start working on getting the 'missing' piece of the puzzle and sending it in! Well, and following up on the other things I've started this week! I will get this list of 'to-do's' eradicated!

URrggghhhh...why oh why did I just eat that portion controlled 100 cal chocolate bar?????? It's sitting in the pit of my belly. I'm not feeling sick from it...but I'm not feeling overly great. BLECH!!!


Michelle said...

It's funny how sometimes we can't wait to work out and other times it's a chore. You are doing great with consistency though. What kind of bike do you ride?

Deborah said...

I think your body was happy that you didn't plan anything for it and it wanted to get up and do something fun instead of just biking.

Good luck on getting the pile of to-do's smaller.

MaryFran said...

Michelle, I ride a Trek Navigator. I also have an exercise bike...proform or some similar name. But I definitely prefer riding outdoors!

Unknown said...

Way to go on maintaining! You are almost there...keep up the hard work! It will pay off. (literally when you no longer have to pay at WW!) :D