Thursday, July 03, 2008

Tax time!

Oh joy...just when we recover from the ickiness of paying in income taxes (oh the joys of self-employment) then it hits again. Went to the post office this morning. Joy of joys, the bill for our property taxes. Does the fun ever stop??? ROFL

Saw the funniest video on youtube this morning. Oh my word, I just sat and laughed. Tis of course about cats!

Lets see, my weight first of all. Yep, it's up 1 pound today. I'm not shocked. While I worked my tail end off yesterday....I did splurge a bit at dinner. (more on that later). I'm not worried. It will come back off. No problems.

My splurge. Well, we went out to eat and I got a cup of soup and the salad bar. We were at a restaurant where the salad bar is that...salad. Not all the desserts and hot foods....none of that. Salad fixin's. Oh well..there was potato salad and some grapes on there also! So my was from the salad bar. So even though I went over my points, it was healthier foods. I feel no guilt what-so-ever about it either.

But while we were eating, Todd and I got to talking about how we are eating now versus how we WERE eating and then it rolled the conversation around to how we think we'll be eating in the future. Well, of course we used to eat ourselves silly....we'd each get an appetizer, an entree and we'd each get our own desserts. Many times we'd get a salad also. I mean..TONS of food. We talked about the future and what our eating will hold once we get to our goal weights. I couldn't help but laugh and say that I will STILL love food then. I'll STILL be addicted to food. But the difference is that I realize that I will have to 'earn' my right to eat the foods. Basically I will have to exercise to eat. I will NEVER be able to go back to eating the way that I used to. Nor do I want to. But I know that the more I exercise, the better I'll be able to handle any little eating situations. My brother has commented many times to me about how he has many friends (guys and gals that he bikes with) that say that they started biking because they simply loved food and that when they bike, they can eat what they want with less worry about the reprocussions. Now of course there is a downside. The downside? His friends tend to gain weight during the winter when it's cold outside and they are less apt to bike! I think he once told me that it's nothing for some of his friends to gain between 10 and 15 pounds during the cold months (I actually want to say it was 20 pounds...but that seems awful high).

Talked to my brother the other night about my desire to buy a new bike. Yeah yeah yeah...I don't really NEED a new bike. I just want another bike. NO WAY am I getting rid of my current bike. I love my bike! Well....after talking to him...and really thinking about the money that I'd be spending (yeah, lets not forget I just dumped close to a grand down for a new camera......and I'm not made of money...NO WHERE CLOSE) I'm going to stick with my bike. He recommended gettings slicks for my bike so when I do ride on the road. NOW....this is the new dilema. Do I want to just change out my tires.......or do I want to get whole new rims......and keep my current rims so that I can change out wheels for whatever/whereever I'm going to be??? I stopped by the bike shop wheels, i'm looking at just under $200. New tires to put on my current rims....I'm talking about $40. Don't chastise me....I know, I know I know! New tires...keep the old rims. Well, no matter. I'm not gonna purchase anything now. Getting a new re-railer is actually first on my list of things to do for my bike. BUt you know what...I've ridden with it out for a year and a half now...and it's just annoying. I still have 7 gears at any one time....and if I get tired of those 7...all I have to do is get off my bike and move the chain with my finger. (uhhh that doesn't happen

Last night I just cringed. I went to bed and Todd was like, 'set the alarm for 6AM'. I just groaned. of course, the days that I dont' need to wake up, he wants to wake up early. And typically the days that I have to wake up early for work, he lays in bed sleeping the whole time I'm tiptoeing around the house. AND of course he can sleep through it all...but me, when that alarm goes off..I'm more sleep for me. To make matters worse....half the time when we have to wake up early for him, he rolls over and goes back to sleep...leaving me wide awake. Well this morning he did sleep for maybe another half hour. But that's not too bad. I however was super productive. Before 8AM, I'd had breakfast, re-upholstered the chairs that go with my glass top table that's on the screened in porch, scoured the drip pans (all of them) on my stove (and of course the stove got a good scrubbing also), the dishes had been washed, the kitchen cleaned (except for the floor, which I'll do tomorrow when I do all the floors), and the guest bathroom thoroughly cleaned....spotless. (I told Todd that we are not using that bathroom until the party...haa haa haa...I'll probably be the first to use it..forgetting my edict). By 8:30, I was tired and worn out. Didn't do much else of use this morning.....haa haa haa Oh wait, before I showered and got ready to come to work, I did go for a ride......just shy of 10 miles today. Tomorrow will be my busy day in the house...getting stuff ready....and some light cooking and baking. Yep, I'll get my normal ride in first thing in the morning!


Deborah said...

I like the less guilty feeling when the splurge is something that is healthy and not the bad stuff. You two sound like you really have a handle on the healthier eating.

Hope you figure out your bike dilemma soon.

What a busy bee you were. Whew. Wanna come stay with me for a week?

Michelle said...

do you know the ideal number of bikes to own? 1 more than however many you have now :)

I say get the rims too or you'll never change the tires. You could buy the tires and see how doable it is and if it doesn't work buy some rims and throw those tires on 'em! Have fun!