Saturday, July 05, 2008

Mindless Ramble

Well, the fourth of July for the year 2008 is officially over. Todd and I worked around the house all day. I spent much of my time cleaning the house and working in the kitchen on the food for tonight's festivities at our house. Yesterday it started to rain at around 3 pm. By the time we left the house at 4:45 or so, it had already rained an inch. I didn't look to see how much rain we got by the time we got home...or even this morning. It is still raining on and off today. We'll see about tonight. Our party is in conjunction with the Antietam Battlefield Celebration...which is tonight. However, in recent years, most of our guests have actually ignored the battlefield activities. So, even though we moved (very close to the other place...but further away from the battlefield) we are still holding our party. Our party is rain or shine. We were originally planning on having the food outside on that newly re screened porch...but I'm scrambling...I'm thinking that I'll probably end up setting up the food tables inside. We'll have to see. (I'd rather have it outside...but I don't think the weather will cooperate)

Oh yes...the pictures posted above. Last night we went to dinner at mom and dad's. Dinner was yummy. We had a nice evening with my parents. And then we watched the fireworks that they set off in Hagerstown. They have pretty decent fireworks..which I find somewhat amazing...we are talking about Hagerstown. :-) I took my camera and played a bit. I dumped my pics onto my computer this morning early...and quickly chose 4 to stick on here. I'll take a closer look at all of them when I get home from work.

Ok, I guess it's obvious that I'm dragging my feet about talking about the weight thing. Lets say first of all that I really didn't eat too awfully bad yesterday.....I was actually right at my points allotment. Using one or two flex points at most. BUT, this morning I was up on the scales. ARRGGHHH

Yesterday I knocked out a 21 mile I did at least I can say that I did exercise. This morning I also got up and rode. It was difficult this morning. For some reason, they started the fireworks last night an hour late. So they were not even done until after 11. And then of course getting our stuff from mom and dad's house...and getting out of town and home....We didn't get home until midnight or later (didn't look at the clock when I got home). SO this morning when the alarm went off at 5:30 in order for me to just wasn't happening. I laid in bed for about a half hour or so.....and then decided that enough was enough. I got up and did a short ride on the exercise bike.....7 miles or there abouts. So at least something was done today.

The big question is about tonight. We will have TONS of food at the house. Will I be able to resist the temptation of the yummy fattening things? Should I simply ignore the bad stuff...knowing that to start eating will trigger my desire for more...and trigger that uncontrollable eating? Or should I stay firm and eat the healthy options and ignore the bad stuff?

I was talking to Julie the other day about temptations of food and how she was just not able to stay away from the chips and taco dip at a potluck at her job. I realized suddenly that for me, once I get the taste, I can't stop. I'll keep going back for 'one more' until I realize that I've had like 5 million chips (ok, so I exaggerate..but you get the point) Where as if I simply do not indulge in that first bite, I am ok. I have more willpower BEFORE I taste the food. Once I taste, it's not a losing's a LOST battle! Tis better for me to just not partake.

Back to that gain...what's up with this today? I worked HARD yesterday. I drank a fair amount of water (ok, probably close to a gallon). I know that in the middle of the night I was thirsty...and thirst was my first thought this maybe it's water weight. Not sure......but that means I have to be more careful tonight!

And here is the final thought for this entry. What a messed up entry. I feel as if I've not kept one thought in my head for more than a brief second. Oh well................


Deborah said...

Gorgeous pics. I like the last one the best. Can I steal it?

Hope the party was/is a success. Me thinks you should stick to the "good for you" stuff so you won't back-slide. If the will power's not there then you shouldn't tempt fate, unless you want to bike like 100 miles aftward. :o)

Hey, isn't blogging supposed to be rambles and thoughts, no matter how disjointed. I think so at least.

Donna B said...

I vote for sticking with your healthy foods tonight! I jsut went though the "eating too much" when it came to hotdogs the other night. I chose the grilled chicken kabobs that I made, but also made hotdogs for my nieces. Did fine at dinner, but when they left, I just felt those leftove hotdogs calling my name and had one as a snack......then another! Find it is better NOT to start eating those food when I lack control over them. Good Luck! I am sure you will pump up your exercise if you slip a little!