Sunday, July 06, 2008

Sunday Shenanigans

Happy Sunday! I'm really tired and can't seem to get my thoughts together to actually write out a complete journal entry. At least not one with complete sentences AND paragraphs! So here's the alternative:

**didn't do tooo badly today. I did have some more of that cake. BUT it's gone now! No more temptation from that cake!

**Last night I felt miserable. I forgot how yucky excessive eating makes me feel! I actually woke up still feeling yucky! Probably a good reminder for me. Especially when I remember that I used to always feel that way. Why did I do it to myself? Well, I can answer that. I was stupid and didn't realize that I was doing it to myself through my eating habits!

**Knocked our 16.2 miles today. That puts me at right around 75 miles for this week....with two more days to go.

**Went raspberry picking in the woods this morning. I'm happy to say that I came across no snakes and gathered a plethora of raspberries.

**Spent the afternoon making jelly and syrups....seedless of course. 63 jars of wild raspberry jelly and 23 jars of raspberry syrup. I'm set for raspberry jelly for the upcoming year now. And yes, I'll use most of that (and actually already had about 30 jars done before today). I give it away as gifts. And if people come to visit, many times they leave with a jar of jelly. It's just fun to do.

**Accidentally (like I would do it on purpose) poured scalding/boiling hot water on my left hand. Mostly got my three fingers....(not the thumb and pinkie). It didn't do too much damage. Thank heavens I was at the sink and had the cold water on.......and my hand was pretty much right there beside the cold water as the hot water hit immediately it was under cold water. So luckily no blisters or anything....(but I feel good that it wont happen now). The skin just feels really tight on my fingers and they hurt a bit. I did take off my engagement and wedding bands. In case my fingers swelled. Feels crazy without them..

**Oh yes, went to town also today. Went to lunch with husband, hit up Sam's club and the grocery store. I got a new tee shirt at Sam's club. (Yeah, I still frequently wear some 2x...and maybe every once in a while a 3x tee buying a tee shirt that actually is my size is a big thing). Oh yeah, and I got the hungry girl cookbook. Looked like it was 'normal' food and not 'health foods' that the average person would NEVER eat. And then the rest was normal Sam's club purchases. Same for the grocery store....normal and boring.

**I forgot to get gas in my car while I was in town. That means I'll either end up stealing it from the gas cans we keep for the lawn mower, and equipment or I'll have to suck it up and go to the one gas station in town and pay the outrageous gas prices....made worse because they are the only gas station and they charge about 10-15 cents more than every where else.

OK, I think I'm all typed out! Hopefully I'll be more cohesive and coherent tomorrow!

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Michelle said...

Glad that cake is gone! Your getting things back to normal after this holiday weekend. I loved your fireworks pictures by the way, in case I didn't say so before. You're doing great on your cycling miles...racking 'em up!