Monday, July 07, 2008

Monday's ride from hell

The holiday weekend is officially over, I'm back to work. ...... uhhh ....... hmmmm ........ Well, that's all I can really say about that. Other than to say that this year just seems to be flying by at warp speed!

This morning, I woke up so gung ho to make another day of healthy eating. Well, Todd wanted pancakes. Not exactly healthy eating. But I made them. I'll just watch what I eat the rest of the day. I did go for a ride. A section of my ride was on the towpath...which was extremely muddy! A bug hit my sunglasses and squashed up against the lense. AND I switched up and did a new route.....hillier than I'm used to. Oh my word, toward the end...on that last hill up from the river, I thought I was going to toss my cookies, er pancakes, on the side of the road. And I only went 10 miles!!! I'm hoping to have time tonight to hop onto the exercise bike and get a little more exercise in. We'll have to see about that one though!

I've got 7 points for dinner tonight. That should be doable. :-)


Michelle said...

It all sounds perfect and right on track to me. You *only* did 10 miles but how long were you riding? With the hills it might have been a similar workout to your normal 16 milers. It's hard to compare mileage on different routes, unless they're all equally flat. Good for you for changing it up and challenging yourself. You must have been going fast to squash a bug on your sunglasses. That was cracking me up!

Balance, right? You can have those pancakes and all is still right with the world...and weight watchers :)

Unknown said...

Way to go! 10!

Deborah said...

Hey, on the exercise bike you don't have to worry about bugs splashing in your face. :o)

Sure wish I had a place to ride a bike around here. I would like that sooooo much more than just walking.