Friday, July 18, 2008

Somethings missing!

Well, my weight was up to 181.6 today. That is actually oly 2/10ths of a pound up. So I'm not bummed out or anything. I mean I don't like to see it go up at all, but I can't be upset about a flucuation of 2/10ths. I will say that I was hoping for a drop. I worked out hard yesterday and ate quite wisely also. Oh well....maybe it will show up tomorrow on the scales!

I've been so hungry for beef stew I have some in the crockpot for when I get home from work. I'm only working a 4 hour I just got to work. The stew was smelling heavenly! I'm also trying a low points biscuit to go with dinner. We'll see how that turns out. All the dry ingredients are mixed up, just have to add the wet stuff, mix, roll and bake when I get home.

Didn't exercise today. I spent the morning either on the phone or researching information online. Just a crazy day. Sadly enough, I don't feel as if I got anything accomlished. Well, I did make todd a shrimp salad sandwich, and I made my lunch also. And i washed the dishes....and put dinner in the crockpot. I did get stuff just isn't anything tangible.

Well, the mower. The warranty service called and told me that I'd have it back by Tuesday evening or Wednesday afternoon at the latest. Low and behold it didn't show. SOOO this morning at around 10 I walked around the house (to make sure that there was no mower) and called the warranty people. Within three hours I looked out the window and there sat my mower in the driveway. Thanks guys for knocking on the door to let me know it was there. I actually WAS at home all morning. Well, I was busy (doing those non-tangible things) but the warranty people called back and said to check the mower out immediately and make sure it works. And call them back either way. So outside I trooped. Uhhhhh there sat the mower...but something was mysteriously missing from the ignition switch. Oh yeah, they returned the mower with no keys! I called them back and told them and also called the warranty people. At this point all I can do is laugh. I mean....come on???? NO keys?


Deborah said...

And the mower saga continues...

Wonder if it will turn into a mini-series? I sure hope not.

Anonymous said...

Heh Mary Fran, it's windy5 (marian) from your home town. I'll be back.

Michelle said...

Whoa, geniuses I tell ya.

You will see the fruits of that labor in the coming days, the next day is too soon. Keep it up. And now you got me craving beef stew. Yummmmm.