Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Meeting comparison

Well, I went to a second weight watcher meeting this week. I wanted to see some friends from my normal meeting and I wanted to have a clear comparison between leaders. ANd how better than to see two different leaders present the same material. I definitely like yesterdays leader much better. I did enjoy talking to my receptionist at tonights meeting (I actually stayed after about 30 minutes to talk to her...she is struggling with her weight right now also..she and I are actually in the 'same place'). However, would you believe that not a one of my friends was at the meeting.

Well, I just had my own banana split. Well, not exactly a banana split. I was thinking a while back about banana splits and how good they taste. I started thinking about what I really like about a banana split. Is it the pineapple topping? The Strawberry topping? The chocolate ice cream? THe cherries? What really makes a banana split so yummy for me. I thought about it and it turns out that I love banana splits becuase I LOVE the chocolate that drizzles onto the banana. SOO when I get a craving now, I cut up a banana and drizzle chocolate syrup on top. Totally takes away the craving. Well, not takes away...satisfies the craving...because I'm really craving that chocolate syrup over banana taste. :-) So I just had chocolate and banana. YUM

My weight was actually down a bit this morning. I was tickled about that. We'll see how tomorrow goes! Tomorrow we are going to splurge and have pizza. I will have the thin crust, even though I would prefer to have pan pizza...but I'll save the points and eat thin crust! I can't wait! I can taste the pizza in my dreams! Oh pizza pie, it's been way too long!

Exercise? What's that? I seem to have fallen off the face of the exercise earth today! And yesterday!


Donna B said...

Good idea to compare meetings. Sorry your friends were a "no show". Right now I just have my husband as a support system and it is really working well! I am so glad he stayed with it since January, and we both are making progress, slow bus still progress. Keep up the good work!

Michelle said...

It sounds like your mood is turning around so that's great. When are you planning to exercise next?