Monday, July 21, 2008

I went to a totally different weight watcher meeting this morning. As in totally different weight watcher center...totally different leader. Totally different attendees. Everything. Actually it was even in a totally different state....which changed up a little bit of the celebrations and stuff like that. Kinda interesting. :-) BUT, that said, let me say that I LOVED this meeting. It was supposed to be an express I assumed that it would be a shorter meeting. NO...the meetings that I've normally attended are 30 minutes....this meeting went for 50 minutes this morning. The group of people were great and I liked the leaders energy. SOOO this may be something I consider switching to. We'll have to see. You see, I Loved the leader that I started with...she was absolutely great. Unfortunately she stopped doing my evening meetings. I have been to a few of her morning meetings, however the groups are HUGE and talk to each other during the meeting.....and it was hard to hear her. The next leader I had totally did not understand what it is like to have a problem with food. Her advice was always way off target and I left her meetings feeling more depressed. (I continued because of the people that went to the meetings..they are where I learned things and received my support and advice). The next leader...well, her meetings and leading style is just all over the place. She can't seem to stay with one thought.....there is no rhyme or reason what she is talking about. I walk out of the meetings and have no idea what the meeting was about. SO I'm looking to switch.

After the meeting I went home and put the pirogi casserole in the oven. Why oh why? Ohhh it was tasty. It was super tasty. HOWEVER it was too much carbs and way too much butter....and now my belly is paying the consequences for it. ARRRGGGHHHHH I have to workout tonight. Honestly, if I could work out right now, I'd probably feel tons better! But alas, I have 4 more hours of work!

Weigh in...well. this morning I weighed in at 180.6 on my home scales (which is the weight that I report on here on a daily basis.) My official weight watcher weight was 181.4. Dang, I didn't realize that blowing my nose and spitting before the weigh in would be so crucial! I squeaked by on that maintenance thing. I've got 2 weeks left until I'm free, AKA a lifetime member. I've got to get away from that 180 mark though (I can be 2 pounds over it).

I don't know what I'm going to do for exercise tonight. Part of me says to go to the gym. however, I already drove to Kearneysville this morning...and to drive to town...that's a bit of a waste of gas. So I'm thinking about the exercise bike (heck no to the outside's hotter than Hades out there) or maybe a step aerobics video. I know I've got to do something!

I'm kind of worried about the next two eating days also. Todd asked for pancakes for breakfast. (high in carbs) tomorrow. And then he wants to get pizza on Wednesday. I can manage......I've got my plan set on how to negotiate (yes, and still indulge a bit). BUT I'm still worried!

Dang.....I just feel yucky! It's a combination of the ick and that heavy lunchtime meal! Ohhh and I've barely drank even 10 ounces of water thus far today. For me, usually by this time I'm close to having finished at least 50 ounces. Wow....Bottoms up!


Donna B said...

I understand perfectly your dilemna about the WW meetings. Year ago that is how I lost a lot of weight before I had surgery. I met a lot of good friends and we talked before and after the meeting, but the lecturer wasn't that great. You just might need the change, from the leader to the opportunity to meet some new friends and watch them through their transformation to give you a boost. You have done so well! Keep up the good work!

Michelle said...

I used to have a leader that I LOVED too. She was my first and I didn't appreciate how good she was until she left. So upbeat and positive. And she knew our struggle, which is always so helpful. My new one is pretty good too but it's just not the same. I've decided my WW goal will be 150, the top of my weight class but my personal goal will be 145, so I have a little wiggle room.

Ok, I'm sitting here polishing off a bag of dark chocolate M&Ms so I have nothing good to say on the food front right now :) We've just got to hang in there.

Deborah said...

When I joined WW in my area over a year ago I noticed all the people in there and they weren't ones that I particularly like to associate with. (It's a small county.) So I would just go and weigh in. That's the reason I started doing it at home using the computer. So I know where you are coming from when you are looking for a meeting that inspires.

So sorry you're feeling yucky. Hope you're better soon.