Tuesday, July 15, 2008

.A dream is make believe until blood, sweat, and tears turn pain to will.

Still feeling blue. But both my husband and I have had a song stuck in our heads since we attended a concert last Wednesday night. It is a song by Chicago, named Stone of Sisyphus. I didn't know all the words but decided to look it up online here a few minutes ago. Well.......I also decided to read a bit about Sisyphus at the same time. To paraphrase, in Greek Mythology Sisyphus was a king that was cursed to have to move a huge stone....and every time he got it 'just about there' the stone rolled back down the hill and he had to start again...and he did this for all of eternity For a more full explanation (and because I probably totally butchered the story) you can check out more here. That struck a chord, because isn't that what I'm doing....I"m rolling that stone up the hill and right when I get it close I lose control (sometimes my fault and others through no fault of my own) and that stone rolls backwards again. And I have to start again.

So anyway, I read about this and pulled up the actual lyrics to the song by Chicago. The song really hit a nerve with me. Especially the line A dream is make believe until Blood, sweat and tears turn pain to will. Hello weight loss..that describes it to a tee! I started out with a dream and it truly had been blood, sweat and tears!

Anyway, here are the lyrics, and check out the song, I put it on my sidebar for those of you who may care to listen!

Tomorrow is teasing me.Time seems to run away from the future.But this could be that lucky day.A dream is make believe until Blood, sweat, and tears turn pain to will.It's gonna take some doing for me To show them the way.I'm gonna take the stone of sisyphus I'm gonna roll it back to you.Building a wall of stone.Sometimes you know what's right Sometimes wrong is better than nothing.They cast a stone so heavy to turn.I believe in a love so true.I believe you get what's coming to you.We get so tired of living a dream For some other day.I'm gonna take the stone of sisyphus I'm gonna roll it back to you.Wall of stone around the two of us.That only angels can break through.Looks like it's another of those long nights.Will we always be alone?Let's not stop before it's done.I'm gonna take the stone of sisyphus I'm gonna roll it back to you.I'll take the stone of sisyphus.Wall of stone round the two of us.I'm gonna roll it back to you.


Deborah said...

The stone of Sisyphus sure does ring true for weight loss for all of us. Thanks for sharing that with us. I'm definately going to check out the story further.

Let's just keep rolling that stone up that hill (that never seems to have a top to it) together and some day we will make it.

Michelle said...

I think those of us who struggle with weight and food issues push that rock up that hill for the rest of our lives. To take the analogy further, as we build up time of better habits and a healthier lifestyle the rock gets smaller so the pushing gets easier. But we can never stop pushing nonetheless.

I'm sorry you're still feeling down. Wait it out, do what you can until it passes. It will pass, your excitement and drive will return. My secret during these times is to not move backwards. Maintenance is the goal when I'm feeling blue.

Hang in there and keep posting!