Monday, May 26, 2008

Tired and burnt!!!!!!

Well....I started mowing at 8:30 with the stupid push mower. 6 hours of mowing later and I was done. 6 freakin' hours of plodding along, pushign a mower. IN the swealtering sun! And if that wasn't enough, I capped it off with a few hours of painting.

Uhhh needless to say, I didn't get my bike ride in today.

What did I get in today? I got in my vitamins! WOO HOOOO!

Something else I got today....a sunburn! My face is quite pink.....and my shoulders are really red! In fact, I'm wearing a sweatshirt (yeah, I"m always cold....) and the weight of the sweatshirt against my burnt skin is hurting me! Eii yii yiii. NOT good. I so need to watch the sun!

After the painting, I came in and made dinner. I had prepared some stuff in order to make a sorbet to go with dinner. OH my word, was that stuff GOOD. I've gotta look up the can't be all that bad. IT's mostly fruit...with a little sugar, lemon juice and water. Put into the ice cream maker. YUMMY! I made a raspberry sorbet. Tasty tasty tasty!

Meanwhile, I'm utterly wiped out!


Alli said...

Definitely watch out for the sun!!! You only get one set of skin girl!
Wow that sorbet sounds awesome. I bet you racked up some madd activity points with that push mower too. Way to go!

Anonymous said...

Hi Mary Fran

Thanks for stopping by my blog. Amusing to find another blogger who has chosen the same pastel shades of pink and grey!

6 hours of mowing must have burned a MEGA load of calories !!!

Best wishes,

Deborah said...

I don't think you needed the bike ride with all that push mowing. You got a lot more because you used the ole arms as well as the legs. Way to go!