Monday, May 26, 2008

Emotions raging

I've got some serious emotional eating stuff going on! I know it....and I just seem powerless to stop it. Let me back up. A few weeks ago I faced up to some of my eating problems. It was liberating and felt good. However, by facing up to the problem and taking my 'crutch' or excuse has now thrown me into a tailspin. Because now I have to face the situation head on and deal with it in stead of saying, "Oh, it'sbecause I'm fat." The excuse is gone, and I still totally understand taht I'm not at all at fault. HOWEVER, the situation is still looming in my life and I need to figure out how I'm goign to deal with it. I've been really down about it lately. And of course it didn't help my emotional state to see my weight rise for no reason.

Saturday was a crazy day. I was up early, my eating patterns were all screwed up. I was on the go from sunup to sun down and then some. Just crazy. And my eating got a little whacked out from all that....and maybe a bit of emotions. Then yesterday I was determined to be sooo strong. I did good through breakfast, and lunch and even dinner. But after dinner I went to the sofa to lay down. (I waas utterly exhausted yesterday. I went to my mom's in the afternoonand I could barely put a string of words together to make a coherent was bad enough that she called to make sure I was ok later that evening). Well, I laid on that sofa and the emotions kicked in......and before I knew it I had started eating! Dang stupid move I know! If it's any 'consolation', I'm paying for it this morning with a stomach ache.

Todd has to work a few days. He booked it, not even paying attention to the fact that it was to be memorial day. It's not a big deal to me. I am goign to get out there with the push mower and mow away. I did it all last year as the old riding mower was/is out of commission and we just never got around to getting a new riding mower until this spring when we actually moved over here. It will be four hours of pushign that beaast around the yard. (did I mention that my mower is gave it to me....he hated it because it is like really heavy. I love was to my ears). Todd gets off around 2. The plan is to go for a bike ride together somewhere on the canal this afternoon. I can't wait! It should be fun. I'm just hoping that my stomach clears up so i can do all this. (If I have any extra time....I'll work on the painting on the screened in porch)

On to a good note. I have remembered my healthy habit for the challenge every day thus far. I almost didn't get it on one day....but thank you for the reminder!!!!!!


Trisha J. said...

Good grief, you are up early!! LOL MY little one woke me up at 6;15 and I thought that was early. Have "fun" mowing and biking. Two very good work outs. Start over today, be good to yourself and don't get down. Here's a link I found helpful!

Deborah said...

Hey, we all face emotional eating so you're not alone. I know the feeling of seeing your weight rise too. It is a bummer. But the stress may be partially to cause. So hang in there and just try to stick with it as best as you can.

Evenings are the worst for me in the eating department. One of the things I have tried and it has worked is fixing myself a salad in the evenings instead of the chips I used to devour. (For me it is salty stuff that I crave.) I throw about a half cup of kidney beans on it and that usually fills me up and satisfies the cravings.

Good luck on the mowing and bike ride.

Abi said...

Hey MaryFran! Thanks for stopping by my blog. Gosh, it seems you are doing excellent!! Having lost over 100 lbs! Wow, all I can say is you are an inspiration!

As far as emotional eating - I am right there with you! Lately, I have been catching myself munching when I am bored. So, I am trying to pick up some books, or play some video games.

Well, I will keep checking in on ya!