Wednesday, May 21, 2008

The eventual death of a scale

One of these days I'm going to do it. I swear, I will! I am goign to pick up those darn pesky MEAN scales and whip them across the room. Hopefully Todd will pick up on my anger and duck in time! I know I wrote yesterday that I seriously contemplating not stepping onto the cursed things today. What in the world happened then? Well, I woke up early, even before the alarm. It was about 5:45 or so. I went into the bathroom and the little babies all followed me in for their first pet of the morning. Yeah, yeah, yeah...tis very disconcerting to have 4 cats follow you into the bathroom and want lovin'. It's even worse when they sit and stare at you while you are in the the shower, crying for you to get out so they can lick the water droplets from the bottom of the tub. AND YES, they have plenty of water at their disposal at all times! But anyway, I digress. I was in there and that square gray platform was just visible out of the corner of my eye. I ate healthy yesterday. My thoughts warred wtih each other. Part of me was saying, "Stay away" but the other half of me was saying, "Let me look and see if it shows on the scales!" I succumbed. I stepped on with a smile.....and a short bit later stepped off with a scowl! Crapolla! Yesterday i was at I'd managed to hit 184.4. Hot diggity dog! A deep sigh of resignation later and I moved through the house to grab my headphones from my desk. You see, my exercise bike is in my bedroom and I had a husband that was sleeping. I hooked up my headphones...flipped on the computer, pulled up youtube and found the episode that I'm on. And I peddled away. I decided to up the resistance today. And I had a realistic goal in my head of how far I wanted to go in my 25 minutes. I made it. 8.18 miles. Forgot to put on my heart rate monitor...and I don't like the bikes heart rate I don't know where I was with that. :-)

What do I watch on youtube. I'm working my way through the Austrailian, season 1 The biggest loser...which are all on youtube I will NOT let myself watch any episode unless I'm on the bike and peddling to beat the band. There have been one or two days where I'm dying to see the next episode so I keep biking. :-) every fifth workout is an hour long it changes up the routine a bit. PLUS, I'm riding and Bob and Jillian are there pushing the contestants on to work harder and it does cause me to dig a little deeper while riding. To go a bit further. To try harder. So I guess it's good for me!

So anyway, very proud of myself for pushing through it and still getting on the exercise bike! I've done good thus far today with my eating. All is under control. I am planning on having spaghetti tonight for dinner...but one, I have the points for it. And two I'm going to make sure i actually measure out my pasta!

My last words for this entry. I'm not gonna do. No indeed, I'm not gonna do it. Tomorrow I will NOT step on those scales.


DTDQ said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog - oh I love your idea about the Biggest Loser - I'm a fan too and I had no idea I could snag them on You Tube. I think I'll try and do the same thing on the treadmill. Brilliant brilliant brilliant. I liked your blog - like the way you write things...

Anonymous said...

I am thinking that is an awesome idea too to watch the biggest loser on youtube while on my exercise bike (at least when it gets here).

I got on the scale this morning too and it was still not nice!

Deborah said...

Those daily scale checks are killers. I have been struggling with that since I purchased them last September. I vowed not to step on them except the once a week weigh-in and made it one week. Then sucummed the week after. But, now I only do it a couple of times a week instead of everyday.

On those days that they showed a gain, I'd ask myself what I did wrong the day before. Reevaluate my food intake and so forth. When I started realizing that I was good the day before I chalked it up to water retention or muscle build-up (which is heavier than fat as you know) and berate myself for doubting ME. I still check a couple of times a week but it isn't an obssesion now. As long as I KNOW I've done everything I'm supposed to I just decided not to worry about it. Just try to put mind over matter (scale matter that is).

Or you could throw a towel over the durn things so you can't see them :-)

Wish I could get high speed instead of dial up. I'd love to watch some of the stuff you all talk about on YouTube.