Thursday, January 03, 2008

An honest look at todays weigh in

Yesterday I was so happy that I was down to 181.6. Then this morning I was up at 182.4. Almost a full pound of fluctuation!! What the H E double hockey sticks! Ok, let me be honest. My meals were my points with exactly 1 point left over for extra. I SHOULD have had a WW 1 point fudge bar for dessert...since I would have had one point. Do you think I would do something like that? NO WAY! I ate a 3 point dessert cup! I also snitched a piece of swiss cheese while I was making Todd's Swiss and mushroom burger. CHEESE!!! so with the cheese...that's three points...and the dessert cup is 3...oh and lets not forget a I tried a bite of the roll that mom wanted me to try. ARRGGHHH Why do I seem to gain if I eat any of my flex points???????


Found this article on The Biggest Loser section on the NBC struck a I've decided to include it.

By Greg Hottinger MPH, RD, Biggest Loser Club ExpertHow many times have you seen a thin person stuffing her face with a super-sized fast food meal and thought, "I wish I could eat anything I want!" The truth is that thin person is either 1) eating a very unusual meal for her lifestyle or 2) not as healthy you think. Thin people may have high blood pressure, heart disease, or may have a low fitness level. For this reason, why not strive for more than being thin? How about being fit and healthy as well? Fit and healthy people come in many different shapes and sizes and make a wide variety of food choices. Despite their differences, fit and healthy people are remarkably similar in the way they think! Here are 10 thoughts that fit and healthy people think:

1. "This is fun." Fit people enjoy activity for the sake of the activity. It could be a night of dancing, hard fought tennis match, or hike with a good friend. But the value is intrinsic. The fact that the activity also happens to be "good for you" is secondary. There is an appreciation of effort and skill. And the activity is undertaken with gratitude, facility, and in many cases, joy. What you can do now: Find an activity that you would choose without knowing it’s good for you or something you would miss doing if you no longer could. After completing it, journal how it felt to move and why you’re grateful for the ability and opportunity.

2. "You get what you pay for." Healthy people realize that quality foods cost more than overly processed foods. They think about how the food was grown or raised and are willing to pay more for local and/or organically grown foods. They believe that good health is built from quality foods. Their mantra is "Pay now or pay later with interest (interest being in the form of sickness, medical bills, and suffering)." What you can do now: Identify a healthy food, like almonds or avocados, which you currently believe to be too expensive. Add them to your cart the next time you go shopping. Identify a splurge, like buying movie theatre candy or a specialty coffee drink, to give up to even out your food budget.

3. “This is easy.” Fit people MOVE! The thought of walking to get somewhere is not foreign or averse. Being fit means daily activities and chores are less taxing and fit people revel in being able to do these things easily. Instead of avoiding mowing the lawn, chopping wood, or raking leaves, fit people look at chores as an opportunity to lift, squat, walk, lunge, twist, pull…you get the picture! Why wait to be in a gym? What you can do now: Pick an errand or task around the house that could be a "mini-workout". As you do it, think about the similarities to some of the movements you do at the gym. What skills and strengths that you’ve built at the gym are you now using in everyday life?

4. "I’d rather throw this food away than wear it." Healthy people do not succumb to the "all you can eat", "super-size", and "2 for the price of 1" traps around food. They know that bigger portions lead to eating more. So they either don’t buy or aren’t afraid to throw it away if they do. What you can do now: The next time you buy food away from home, think about getting what you actually need versus getting the most for your money. Leave food on your plate and say to yourself "I’d rather throw this food away than wear it."

5. "I feel like a sports car." Fit people need high octane! When your workout is more than a walk in the park, you have to fuel the fire! Instead of eating as little as possible and having no "oomph" for a workout, they eat a well-portioned pre-workout meal. Instead of over-eating, they think about their strength training session or spinning class and eat foods that help them stay energized. And they get the rest that their body needs to recover from the day and be ready for tomorrow. What you can do now: Before your next workout, eat a light, well-balanced meal or snack to top off the fuel tank. Then stay well hydrated for exercise by drinking 8 - 16 oz of water 1 – 2 hours prior to exercise and 8 – 16 oz for every 20 minutes of exercise. Notice how you feel compared to when you eat a heavy meal, forget to eat altogether, or don’t drink properly.

6. "The next delicious meal is only a few hours away." A healthy person knows that the meal sitting before them is not their Last Supper. In fact, they’ve noticed that when they don’t overeat at this meal, they enjoy their next meal even more. They consider food part of the celebration, not the reason for it. What you can do now: The next time you feel tempted for that second plate of food, remind yourself that you’ll be eating again in just a few hours. Take a couple of deep breaths and focus on the sensations in your body. If you still feel a strong desire to eat more, give yourself three more bites and then put the food away.

7. "That’s the ticket!" A fit person can see the connection between being fit and doing other things she finds enjoyable. Travel, gardening, sex, going to the theater, and shopping are just a few things that are enhanced by fitness. Real life examples from clients and members include going to Disney, running a marathon, walking 30,000 steps exploring Manhattan, and hiking to Everest base camp. What you can do now: Use a backpack to carry a weight equal to what you have lost. Wear it while you go shopping, to the park, or some other fun activity this weekend. Then, still in the midst of your fun, take it off. Savor the difference and know that there is more to come!

8. "What’s my body trying to tell me?" Healthy people pay attention to their body’s signals and notice when they feel good and when their body is telling them something isn’t right. People who tune in to these signals are willing to adjust their food choices in such a way that they are working with their body and not against it. They pay close attention to their hunger and fullness signals and notice that they feel better when they stay balanced, not too hungry and not too full. What you can do now: Notice which foods make you feel good after eating them and which ones make you feel irritable, tired, or that upset your stomach.

9. "I’m hooked!" Fit people "hook” into exercise by signing up for classes, playing in sports leagues, exercising with partners, or joining clubs based on activities like hiking. What you can do now: Take a look at your local paper and look for upcoming events, group meetings, trips, or classes that are kicking off. Commit to signing up and participating in one event by the end of the month.

10. "’Tis the season." Healthy people consider the ripeness and freshness of the food they buy when shopping and ordering from a restaurant. They know that when they eat an unsatisfying meal, like wilted lettuce and unripe tomatoes, a terribly bland meal, or a processed food full of artificial ingredients, they’ll feel unsatisfied and will want to eat something else. What you can do now: Think about the fruits and vegetables that are in season right now to highlight on your shopping list. Notice how delicious these foods taste and how satisfying they are. Copyright Biggest Loser Club 2007

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