Thursday, December 20, 2007

Plans for the holidays.

My brother and his family are in for the holidays. I know I'll be eating more with them...and running quite a bit more than I normally do. That is a recipe for weight gain. Just the eating with them can be bad as I'll be subject to eat whatever is there. However, I've determined that I will NOT gain...and in fact that I will lose over this holiday (ok, at least lose what I so easily gained last week!) Therefore, I've come up with a plan. Here is the plan. As of right now, it is the plan in it's entirety. However, of course as time changes and progresses I may add to the plan. :-)

Eating, Food and Caloric Intake Plan

Plain and simple, I'm going to be careful. I'm going to be religious about what I eat. I talked to mom this morning and she told me what we are having for dinner tomorrow night. I'm ok with that. On Saturday night I could eat it..however what she is having is not a favorite of mine..and I don't want to ante up the points to eat it. So, I'm going to leave there when they sit down to eat...and I'll go home and make Todd and I a healthier dinner option. :-) (Todd works until like 7 or it will work out perfectly). I was talking to mom about the eating stuff this morning and asked about Christmas dinner. She has always been very willing to work with me to make sure that there are healthy options for me. She asked me what I wanted....I gave her a few options of foods that I could eat without worrying about. So I know I'll have some of those there. I also expressed my desire to not have a full sized plate at the dinner table for the Christmas meal. I want to have a smaller plate. That way I will not be so tempted to fill it up to the brim. Well, let me rephrase that. I may be tempted to fill it up to the brim...but if I do, it won't be with as much food. PLUS, I'll be tricking my mind to think that i'm eating a heck of a lot of food. On Monday, Christmas eve, I haven't formulated a plan....I'll be off work that I'm not sure what will happen. But on Wednesday and Thursday I work in the morning...until 12. My plan as of right now is to continue to pack my lunch...I'll either eat it on the way up to town...or eat it when I get there. Yes, I know that mom would be more than glad to feed me. However, I don't need to eat the chips and the dip that they will have out on the table...nor the cheese and heavy fatty lunch meats. So I'll be better off on my own. Plus that will give me a little more wiggle room in order to actually enjoy dinner with the family.

Exercise and Activity

Here is the blow by blow plan for the next half week or so.

Friday- there are two different plans for Friday..depending on how my day shapes up. The original plan was for me to run some stuff up to mom's house on Friday morning. I was going to go to the gym and then drop that stuff off....then come home to go to work by noon. I was also going to make a quick stop at the local drum shop in order to pick up something for the business. HOWEVER, with bubby and Cindy coming in tomorrow...I'll be going up tomorrow night for sure. SOOOO, if Todd runs up to Drums on Sale today, then I will not go up to town until tomorrow night. If I still have to go to Drums on Sale tomorrow morning, then I will continue with the original plan. SOOOOO Friday's workout is either at the gym....or an hour at home...either jogging outside or with a dvd.

Saturday- I work Saturday morning at 7:45. It would be too early to do anything I will awaken my hour early and workout in the living room with a dvd.

Sunday- Our church isn't until 10:30. I will therefore have time to get myself up and exercise. The tenative plan right now is to get my butt outside and jog for a bit. (weather permitting)...if not, either the exercise bike or a dvd.

Monday- The gym is open from 8AM until 4 PM. I will be visiting the gym on Monday!

Tuesday-Christmas day- My plan for the moment is to wake up....go up to mom and dad's house to open presents and then to go for a jog up at mom and dad's house between presents and the meal. Once again, this is a weather permitting deal. If I have to (if the weather looks miserable) I may have to wake up super duper early and exercise before I leave home. I've also talked to Todd and we are planning on going for a long walk after we eat our Christmas meal.

Wednesday and Thursday- I work from 7:45 until noon each day. Therefore, if I wake up an hour early I should be all exercised up by the time I 'start' my day. That should work well.

Friday- I'll be back to working either 10-6 or 12-6 (I can't remember right now) I'll do something in the morning.....basically back to a 'normal' routine. I'm assuming that Alan and Cindy will be leaving to go home probably Friday.

So, there you have plan to be healthy this coming week! I'm determined to get through this week without having the scales go up! I want them to go DOWN...and they will!

I talked to mom this morning, she said that Cindy called yesterday to talk about when they are coming. They are packing their car tonight...and will leave early tomorrow morning. She said at that the kids will sleep for a good portion of the trip out here. Of course Riley was telling 'grandma' that they should actually leave at 3AM to 'make the trip faster". Of course if you are asleep for one extra hour, I guess it would be faster. tee hee hee

I'm so ready for christmas. Last night I wrapped the last minute things (namely the gift to mom from dad...I actually got it about a week or so ago) and the cat treats. I put together a little bag (little as in the size of a bag from Bath and Body Works...the smaller size) it is the few small gifts that I wrapped yesterday, the replacement outfit for Alex (becuase I bought a 12 month size and apparently that may be too small), and few other odds and ends...stuff like batteries for toys that need them...etc etc etc. So that is ready. The gifts are already stored up in Hagerstown at mammals they just need to be carried across the street to mom and dad's new house. Woo hoooo!

Tonight I have to decortate some cookies...for the cookie bouquets that I'm making. I should be ok with the eating of cookies. I shouldn't have any problems resisting tonight. Regardless...I'll probably pop some gum into my mouth while I I'm not tempted to 'taste test' anything! I've found that I do it almost sub-conciously! I also want to put in a batch of bread Todd works late I'll be on my own for dinner. Therefore my dinner will be pretty light. That's good! I'm so determined to get this weight gain gone! I'm not sure what exactly I'll have for dinner. Lately I've been craving peanut butter and jelly there is a pretty darn good chance that a pb&j will be on the menu tonight. Cooked carrots??? Hmmm......well...time will tell what I have for dinner tonight. :-)

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