Saturday, October 27, 2007

zippity do da

Yes, I'm singing. I am back at my lowest ever (yet) weight! woo hooo! That is exciting!

Got up early this morning and did my step aerobics. I rotate through my workouts. So eventually my body gets 'used' to the routine and I switch it up...or move to a different workout. So lately, I've been doing one particular workout. Well...this morning I decided to up my riser on my step and add that last riser. Eii yiii yiii. The same workout...and it felt different! That's a good feeling though.

I've got to go grocery shopping after work today...then Todd mentioned going out for dinner tonight. So I'm not sure what we will end up doing. He mentioned one or two places and I've been making mental plans of what I'll get at either of those places.

Been year is the year for big things to happen in my friends lives. We've got two weddings (that we know of right now), Julie and Buddy's. And babies...eii yii yiii.....Julie (haa haa haa, I just reread that and it looks like the same Julie is getting married and having a baby...haa haa haa...but least I dont' think Julie M. is planning on that next year), Karen, Ashley, Bree, it just continues. haa haa haa