Sunday, September 09, 2007

Shopping, slicing and dicing

Got our walk in!!!! We did an hour. It was hotter than blue blazes, but at least we were moving! :-) It is always a treat to be with mom!

I also did the grocery shopping. I got home at 7PM. We ate a light meal (most of it pre-prepared stuff....stuff I made last night/this morning) and then I got to work in the kitchen. I've found that not only is healthy food more expensive (for the most part) but it is also more time consuming! Soooo my usual routine is to get home from shopping and clean, cut, fix, prepare (whatever) whatever I can. So...I sliced and chopped all the fixin's for the salad bag (I put together a big ziploc bag...inside is little ziploc bags of cut up carrots, green peppers, cucumbers, onion...etc etc etc...everything for a salad), I capped and sliced my strawberries, cut up our cantalope, made croutons (last weeks left over bread...seasoned and baked..yum!), peeled and cooked apples and then made applesauce....hmmm Oh yes, washed the grapes. Hmmmm... SO I spend about 1.5 hours AFTER just getting things fixed up! But, this way I know it is there ready for me. It's now extra convienent!

Bought a new book put out by Weight Watchers today. Not sure it it's going to be at all beneficial to me...but heck, it's worth the read! :-)

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