Sunday, September 09, 2007

The scales showed me down to 188.4! This week, I'm determined to hold onto that low weight for my weekly weigh in! That would be more than awesome! Especially since last week was showing me up! Who knows though with the difference in scales! :-) (although, if this coming up week is one where the scales seem to match up...which is usually, it's only on the rare occaision that they don' last week. Anyway, if this coming up week show the scales matching up, AND I can hold onto this lower weight, then it will show me at a 4 pound loss! I'm not holding my breath though. I'm just going to stay focused and do my best! )

Mowed yesterday for 2 hours! I have about two hours more to go (or half of the yard). I'm planning on doing that tomorrow. Today after church I'm going in to mom and dad's. Then I'll do my grocery shopping. I'm hoping that mom and I can at least go for a walk or something this afternoon!!

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