Friday, June 01, 2007

Day one of June!

Day one of June. Back in early January, I had set mid year (june) to be my time to be at my goal weight. Lucky for me (note the sarcasm) that I'm still 30 some pounds away from being even in my goal weight target zone. Am I, am I bummed...yeah! What does this mean for me? Nothing important. It just tells me that it is taking longer than I planned. And it is reminding me that I want to have this 30-40 pounds gone by my birthday.. which is in December.

I went through my old journals and stuff and my plan is to actually go through it and look at it in relation to how much weight I've lost. It want to see how much the exercise thing really plays into it. I may then do a graph putting in my points eaten also! I think it would just be really cool to look and ponder. Meanwhile, I'm going to just try to keep exercising regularly and plug along! I WILL DO THIS!

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