Friday, June 08, 2007

Ok....I've been not soooo bad, but not so good. THe weight is dropping ever so slowly. About a half of pound a day. I've not been doing any organized exercise though. I have however been busy. This morning I mowed (with a push mower) for 1.5 hours. Yesterday morning I mowed (with that same push mower) for 45 minutes....and that was after I had worked organizing stuff and cleaning stuff at the other place for 1.5 hours! So I've been active at least!

I need to kick this weigh in the butt! No...I WILL kick this weight in the butt! I've been good today. I've counted EVERYTHING and watched carefully....and low and behold, I have one point left for the day! Woo hooo! :-) Maybe I'll make some popcorn later tonight. Yeppers, I just checked. 3 cups of air popped popcorn is 1 point. And if I top it with the molly mcbutter stuff (that is no points for 1 tsp) then I'll be able to have a really nice snack this evening! YUMMY

I've given notice at the deli. I think that will help me quite a bit. I've found that I'm cheating more and more at the deli! That I know is having a huge effect on my results at my weigh ins! HUGE! So, by going to the bank, I should be able to remove myself from some of those temptations!

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