Tuesday, October 03, 2006


I received an email from a friend this morning. In it, she talked about her day and then remarked about a program/challenge that her company was doing. It was one of the 10,000 step challenges. She mentioned that she was going to have to say goodbye, so she could go to the 'kick off breakfast'. She also mentioned how worried she was...because a company supplied breakfast could and many times DOES mean an eating landmine! She mentioned how she was going to have to remain strong if the choices were not good. She, and I...both thought that a breakfast kickoff for a HEALTH challenge was kinda ironic. From this email I realized how society is so programmed to feed feed feed. If you have a meeting around breakfast time..you either get breakfast...or at least donuts. Even a mid afternoon big meeting will net a cookie or two. In a company that I recently worked for. If the employees did something that the company deemed good....they catered in lunch. The thank us for working overtime to help through hurricane season (when all other sites were closed) they feed us pizza. They gave out candy as a thank you. Our society is programed to reward with food. I need to get out of this mental programming.

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Taunia said...

Do I hear THAT! And even worse, we completely program ourselves that way too. So many of our social activities center around FOOD. Luckily for me, many of my friends are either doing WW or trying to make really healthy choices in their lives - so we help each other out in that regard. But there's always that person who says, "it's just a small piece of cake! Just this once won't hurt...." and it's REALLY hard to resist that. But we can do it. You're doing SO WELL, and really, I'm inspired and motivated by you. So keep at it! :)