Saturday, October 14, 2006


Yes, I'm worried. I'm worried because I peeked at the scales this morning and they don't seem to be moving at all! I That worries me. I'm doing everything I should be doing. I'm exercising and eating right. I keep telling myself not to stress about it at all. Give it time. I actually still have almost 4 whole days until my next weigh in, so it isn't as if I'm giving it a lot of time. I've thought about getting a GOOD digital scale. That way I could see those .? pounds. Not just the rough "oh the dial is somewhere around..." Oh who knows! Meanwhile, I've gotta stop stressing.

FIgured it out though. I have to lose an average of 1.55 pounds to be in onederland by Christmas. If I want to do it by Thanksgiving it would be roughly 3 pounds a week (6 weigh ins left). Yes, I know the Thanksgiving goal would be a pretty difficult one to beat! But, it is there in the back of my mind. I would at least like to be below 210 pounds by Thanksgiving. That is 8 pounds down. Like I said..there are 6 weigh ins so that would be really nice.

Todd and I are planning on going to the MD Rennaisance Festival tomorrow. I"m looking forward to it. We haven't been able to attend in a couple years. BOOO HOooo. So it will be lots of fun. HOwever, I'm a bit concerned about the food. THe food there is SOOOOO good. Turkey legs.....soup in bread bowls...shall I continue? My tenative plan is to take my backpack purse and have some snacks in my purse to eat. (100 cal pack and grapes and whatever else I can think of). Then I will 'splurge' on one food item at the fair! We'll see. At least we will be doing a ton of walking while we are there!

Oh well!

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Taunia said...

Girl, you've gotta GET RID OF YOUR SCALE! I was scale obsessed for like a year, and it did crazy, crazy things to my brain and eating patterns. Now that I don't have one, I'm losing pretty steadily and I'm mentally much more healthy. I mean, I'm all for whatever works, but don't be so tough on yourself. :)

And 1.5 is pretty doable! As long as you remember that it probably won't be consistent - maybe zero lbs one week, 3 another - and that it will average out in the end, you'll probably do well!

You're doing great, though. Very inspirational!