Sunday, September 24, 2006

A wedding!

Well yesterday I went to a wedding of a young girl who met her husband while teaching at a mission school in the Phillipines. How exciting! Although it really made me feel old as I babysat her! Eii yii yiii I tried to do as good as I could with the food. It helped that they had some seemingly healthier options there! They had an appetizer table, which contained the normal appetizers but also a lot of fruit! I was also pleased that they had two options of cake to of which was angel food. (it made an easier option for me, instead of the ultra bad choice of red velvet cake with the wonderful icing!...which yes, the old me ...or maybe the internal me...would have loved!) I was worried last night though. Because I did step on the scale before I went to bed. Yes, I know...weigh yourself at the same time during the day...and I usually do it in the morning! Well, it looked as if I was back where I was about a week or so ago. But this mornign it was pretty much back in line. I plan on doing a pretty big workout today after church! I do know that I have to watch carefully the next two days...especially since my weigh in is on Tuesday! I also know that I can't have two days like this a week on a regular basis!

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Taunia said...

Well, it sounds like you made good choices! So, no matter what the scale says, you should be proud that you made better choices than you used to. Good for you, girl!