Thursday, September 21, 2006


I had every intention of cooking and eating at home. EVERY intention. My intentions were so good that I have my little meal plan tucked into my daily tracker! I was goign to have grilled chicken, roasted potatoes sprinkled with olive oil and rosemary, green beans, and fresh kiwi. It's all on my little sheet. So what the heck happened when I talked to Todd and one of my first words was "Lets go to Chinese". I actually knew I had the points to manage Chicken and Brocolli. I was all set. I got there, glanced at the menu and laid the menu aside. I knew what I was getting. It was all good. Well, Todd was perusing the menu and must have felt weird about me just sitting there quietly so he suggested I try something new (I'm not a big chinese fan...I don't have a big repoitoire of foods that I eat a chinese places). I don't know why I didn't just say. "I know but I also know the points on my chicken and brocolli" NO...I just had to pick up the menu and found a dish that did sound REALLY good. It didn't sound too bad. The description actually sounded a lot like chicken and brocolli...instead of brocolli it was mixed veggies and water chesnuts. Sounds yummy. So I switched. When they sat the plate down in front of me I just looked at it. To my credit after the waitress left I did look at Todd and say, "I can't eat this" It was the deep fried chicken in the sauce mixed with the veggies. Todd was understanding (trying to take the blame..but it was ultimately MY decision. I'm the one that didn't stick to my guns). I smiled and said, "I'll just eat a small portion and we can take the rest home for your lunch tomorrow. The problem? Well, I tasted it and it was FABULOUS! I uh....ate the portion on my plate. Uhhh...ate a little more...and a little more...until it was all gone. Heck, I practically licked that plate clean!

I did come home and exercise a good bit to try to at least counteract those many points I devoured!

The Biggest Loser started last night. THat is motivational for me. I see other people goign through what I've gone through and it does help to know that I'm not alone!

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