Saturday, February 25, 2006

Water Debate my weight stalled. Is this teetering weight thing really my water retention or something bigger. I chanced on an article......don't ask me where, saying that if we are not getting our correct amount of water intake (that would be the 64 ounces) that we may be actually retaining more water. Kinda weird...drink more to retain less. I really need to check this out. I know before I got sick, I was drinking up a storm....and while I was sick I struggled with drinking. After my bout with the flu, I continued to struggle with drinking the proper amounts of water. Worth checking out...or at least trying!

Meanwhile, I don't think I am going to make my target of 229 pounds by the end of February. I'm not upset....disappointed maybe. But all is not lost. I'm only a few pounds off that target.....and I am still on target for my big goal....those few pounds that I am off (like 3-5 pounds off) only take my 'need to lose each week' from 1.99 pounds to 2.04 NOT bad! PLUS...this month aint over yet! I plan on using those three days to my advantage!

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