Thursday, January 19, 2006


Last night, about an hour before Todd got off work I was busily putting our stuff in our bags to take to the gym. We were going to go to the gym and then go to my parents to see them as Dad just got back from the Phillipines and then they are both heading to Flordia on Friday. Todd came up and I could tell that he was exhausted. He insisted that we still go to the gym...however I know that he would have probably passed out he was that far gone. So I told him we didn't have to go. I think he was relieved, and I honestly want what is the best for him. However, I wish he would have told me how he was feeling much earlier because I would have gone to the gym on my own earlier in the day. (His car is in the garage so we have to coordinate our travels to town as we live 25 minutes out of town). We saw my parents and came home. He played around on his computer all evening. I actually DID get on the exercise bike and ride...and I also did my crunches. I can't let him not matter what his reason......cause my stride to falter. I was disappointed enough that I was a little teary!

So, I got up this morning and went to the gym by myself (Todd is working a long day today).

Well, I think I have some divine intervention with my eating. Today, Todd wanted a pizza. I made it and watched what kind and how much cheese I put on......basically I was careful with the whole thing...but knew that I would be going overboard even with 2 pieces. Well, the pizza came out of the smelled sooo good. I cut it up and couldn't resist...I put half of the pizza on my plate (who wants to walk back into the kitchen to get more). Half way out of there, I bumped the plate and the BIG piece (1/4 of a pizza) fell off the plate and went kersplat on the floor...UPSIDE DOWN. Well, after that first moment of ....awww great on the carpet...I realized that it was good...NO temptation to eat that piece now! :-) Now, the funny thing about this is....this is not the first time something like this has happened in the last few weeks! I went to make toast the other morning (I LOVE BREAD and could eat piece after piece YUM YUM YUM) and popped my toast into the toaster.......I knew something was wrong when I heard something MOVE inside my toaster....right before I heard is squeak! I electrocuted a mouse in my toaster. YES, I threw the toaster away...NO I didn't eat the toast. And even though I have already replaced the toaster, I have like NO desire to eat toast right now!

Crossing my fingers, called the mechanic and they are working on the car RIGHT hopefully we will get that back soon...which will make it much easier for us to work out.....logistically speaking.

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