Success Stories

I have always been motivated and inspired by reading weight loss success stories.  This is my inspiration page:

Lori's Story-  Lori decided to change her life when she saw a picture of herself that made her see the unhappiness that her weight was causing her.  She knew it was time to make a change, and she hasn't looked back since then!

Crystal’s story -  A hospital stay sparked the beginning of a journey to health, healing and weight loss.

David’s Story - a desire to have his pilots lisense spurred this incredible healthy lifestyle change story.

Donna’s Story.   Perseverance and the proper motivation is what it takes to reach weight loss goals and Donna had both!

Big "Pete" -  I actually posted this story that I had found online as one of my first posts back in 2006.  I wanted to keep it handy so I could reread this inspirational story!

Mary’s Story   a wake up call during a trip to the ER helped Mary make the changes needed to lose weight and live an active healthy lifestyle!

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