Thursday, May 30, 2024

Lets Try It

​A few weeks ago I started intermittent fasting. I have been doing the 16:8 method.  And surprisingly, it is working for me!   I have actually lost 7.6 pounds in the last few weeks!  I am tickled!

In the midst of me trying the intermittent fasting thing, I received notice that a book that I had on hold was available!  Hot diggity dog!   I had heard about this book months ago and had been waiting for it.  It was Fast like a Girl by Mindy Pelz.  It was all about fasting for women.  Basically learning to fast so that your fasts are in line with the different hormones that ebb and flow throughout the cycle.  There are a lot of good things in this book.  But the main thing that I am focused on right now is the benefits from a 36 hour fast.  36 hours seems to be the magic for fat burning!   

I have always been resistant to any fast longer than the 16:8.  But ive decided to try a longer fast.   I am not committing to a 36 hour.  I want to see how my body is doing.    This isn’t about torture.   So I am aiming for OMAD, which is one meal a day.   This, at the very minimum, my goal is to not eat today and instead eat at dinner while will be a day since my last meal.   If things are going well, I plan on extending it to an 36 hour fast by simply not eating dinner tonight and then breaking my fast tomorrow.   This is just for today.  I’ll go back to 16:8 after this experiment.   If it works, I will through some OMAD and 36 hours into my routine..once a week…once every two weeks.   Time will tell how often.  Right now I just have to see how I get through today!!!

Wish me luck!!!


Paula C said...

Sounds like IF is working for you. I believe that "starvation mode" excuse for lack of weight loss is a hoax. You're proving that theory is crap! I am doing a version of IF but still need to work on portions.

jen said...

Good luck