Thursday, April 20, 2023


​I am sore!    Is it sympathy pains or is it real soreness!  I don’t know but I’m cranking up the yoga!! 

Jason has been struggling with a shoulder pain that extends down his arm a bit.  He has been miserable.  It seems to be slowly getting better…but it’s been a long haul for him.   I swear, the guy can’t get a break.  First his foot and the great axe accident in October that brought mo the of pain and now this.  I knew it was bad when he said ‘I’m going to urgent care’.  He has a huge aversion to doctors!   So I’ve been worried about that.  But in the midst of talking to him he mentioned pinched nerve and I was like ‘oh, remember when I got that and it totally messed up my arm?’.    The urgent care told me it was a pinched nerve.  I struggled with it for a while and found that the best ‘medicine’ wasn’t medicine at all but movement…specifically yoga is what helped!   I did yoga religiously for a while…but then slipped up and stopped doing it quite so regularly.  So I recommended yoga to him. I’m 

The problem started a few days later when my arm started acting up….reminiscent of that pinched nerve pain.  Really?   I didn’t even want to mention it because it feels like I was trying to be an attention whore!   But honestly….I was struggling.  So I took my own advice and started doing yoga!

Then a few days later my trapezius muscle on the OTHER side of my back started to tighten up!  I had issues with that in the past also!   In the past the medical professionals had told me that I had a seized muscle in my back.  That pain was now back.   Really?  What is happening to me?

So I honestly half way have wondered if I am having sympathy pains.  But then again, I know that it’s real pain.   What sparked it?  It could be trying to corral a 70 pound puppy.  It could be the immense day of yard work that I completed last weekend….which included moving a huge pile of rocks!  Maybe I just slept wrong!   But it doesn’t matter…my upper back is sore!   (Ironically enough it used to always be my lower back that got me….it has moved upward with age!).   So I am still doing my normal exercise stuff…but cutting down the time a bit so that I can fit in a 10 minute quickly yoga session for shoulders neck and upper back!    Fingers crossed that it will help me…and fast!


Anonymous said...

Stress brings pain as you know by now. You both need a nice weekend of just relaxing together. Leave the worry and stress behind you for just a couple of days. I think it will help a bit. If you are always living in the thought process of "I have to do this or I have to lose this much this week or whatever it is ... you are going to hurt physically and mentally.

Massages wil help too! :)

Amy said...

Yoga is amazing for the alignment of things that have gotten out of place! I sometimes search YouTube for physical therapy videos for the area that hurts.
I hope you both feel better soon!

jen said...

Mmmm yoga, hope it helps.
I’ve just got back int Pilates 😊

peppylady (Dora) said...

I been looking into yoga.
Coffee is on and stay safe.

Anonymous said...

We were just talking this morning. The weekend is supposed to be rainy…which might be just what we need. A slow lazy weekend!!!

Maryfran said...

Yes! It’s amazing how much better I feel after I do a yoga session! I never thought about looking for PT! Videos!

Maryfran said...

Yoga is giving me relief. I’ve been doing it every day!!!

Maryfran said...

Do it! It’s amazing how good my body feels when I am consistent fly doing it!!!