Friday, April 07, 2023

I wouldn’t recommend It

​I inadvertently tried a new weight loss plan this week!   It was quite successful!  However, I wouldn’t recommend it in the slightest!

I actually lost about 5 pounds this week!   Fantastic right?   I’ll take it!  And I’m doing my best to ensure that the weight loss remains and was not some fluke!   But let me tell you, I don’t want to follow that weight loss method again anytime soon!

What was my method?  I had a stomach bug.  Yes, I was sick.  The stomach ailment lingered too.  I got sick on Sunday.  Monday was really rough.  I tried to start eating on Tuesday…and managed to eat some toast.  A banana.  I think I managed all of three to four hundred calories.  Wednesday I think I ate all of 700 calories!    I am back to  normal eating…but still don’t feel quite right after eating….which is keeping my portions small.   I’ll take it!  Maybe it will help me get my portion sizes under control!  

So what havoc did the stomach bug wreak on my project 50 challenge?  I honestly thought about the challenge, but had no energy or gumption to do anything about it.   Some of the habits carried over.  Even though it wasn’t a lot, I actually tracked what I ate.  But other habits, went up in smoke.  I mean, there was no way I was exercising. I struggled to even get Zoe out to potty on some days!   I am not worried about it.   I’m working toward health and wellness….and being well sometimes means stepping back for a few days…or a week, and allowing your body to heal!   

What does this mean for my points challenge that was set to start on the first?   I am still counting my points.  That is the beauty of the points system.  I still did some things…just not as much as I would have normally done. But do you know what?  Those points I did earn are my most proud ones!!  The points system recognizes effort. I still lose…there is one point.  I still tracked every day.  There is a point.   I ate some bananas.  Point point point.  I did get some steps.  I mean, the first day I made it back to three thousand steps…that was a victory!   I earned those three points that day!   

So all is not lost.   It was a week of recovery.  I’m planning on diving in hard this next week!!!


peppylady (Dora) said...

Stomach bug no fun.
Coffee is on and stay safe.

jen said...

Ohhh dear….tummy bugs are not fun at all.
Hope you feeling lots better xx